Prediction: Xbox will stay head to head in hardware sales

If Sony’s production issues are real Microspot could get out ahead. Which I very much believe because there is way too much smoke for there to be no fire.

I fully expect Xbox to hit 10 million before Ps5 assuming Xbox produces enough consoles.

Assuming Xbox has enough units

  • end of 2020 6.5 million Xbox and 4 million Ps5
  • end of March 2021 9-10 million Xbox, 8 million Ps5

After this I expect Sony will catch and pass Xbox as their supply constraints start getting ironed out.

So was Nintendo’s. And Sony’s with PS2. And 360’s. The vast majority of gamers out there are not tied to the platform branding, they are tied to the game franchises. THAT is why exclusives have been important historically. They establish prominent franchises. But if those swing to another platform brand those gamers go along with it too.

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Agreed, it will do better than ps5 here in Brazil at least and I expect the same for the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Uk, Australia and New Zealand.

I’m calling 85m units sold.

Book it.

Yes, and MS are approaching Europe far more seriously this time around, from the get go. Seeing them even launch with the Xbox All Access program in some countries is not something that I ever thought would happen. Oh, and I’m happy to announce that Xbox Live on consoles is finally available in Croatia, or least it was when I tested it a few months ago. Before you could have a Croatian account, but unlike on PC (or Windows Phone, RIP), there was no content in the store or any other functionality. Now there is, although the prices are in euros and not our local currency, but that’s still far better than nothing.

The two main obstacles that Xbox has to overcome are brand power and games. Their new (and old) studios will have to deliver the games, and we can only wait and see what happens on that front. The good news about brand awareness is that it will keep growing with the success they’re having on PC, and even mobile and other places via xCloud, and all of that will trickle down to consoles as well. I mean, that’s how I got interested in Xbox all those years ago, by playing games on my PC that were console exclusive to Xbox. When I got fed up with PC gaming, the path forward was pretty clear.

The better the games on Game Pass, the higher their hardware sales will be imo.

Sonys biggest strength by far is their 1P software, when XGS begins outputting to that level come 2021/2022 the differences between services and platform will become even more apparent. They have the best performing hardware, the best value box, the best service and arguably the best platform/infrastructure … they were only lacking in games quality and that problem is already saved imo with the first wave of games (FS2020, Wasteland etc).

Oh you sweet Summer child. Sony has the best lineup in the history of gaming for it’s first year, and the user-base headstart to boot. It will be a blood bath, with the gap wider than this generation.

Sony has every major third party for marketing, including FF, GTA, and CoD to supplement it’s formidable first party. MS has GP and EA (GP needs more third party games). And as much as people have grumbled about game prices, the hysteria to obtain a PS5 has been unprecedented so yeah …

I like MS and am getting the Series X for my theater, but they will get killed in the console space. PC gaming services will be where they expand, and they will make plenty as a result - which is all they really care about. But quite honestly Sony has become a monster that actually rivals Nintendo at this point. I never thought the first year lineup of the PS2 would be beaten …


If you say so. Are you trying to convince yourself ? Kind of ironic.

I don’t have to convince myself, thanks. Personally I’m glad for the hysteria because I lucked into a PS5 that I intend to sell for a healthy profit before X-Mas. I had a PS1, PS2, 360, PS4/1S, and will have a SX this time. Seriously, MS will be happy with a decent second place. If fans are planning on the Xbox keeping pace with PS5, they will be disappointed. But it doesn’t matter, and MS doesn’t think so either.

Console wars are stupid. MS and Nintendo realized that, and are trying to carve out a different niche as a result.

Sony will outsell them, that much is almost a lock. I also think MS knows this. MS don’t have to outsell Sony though as they’ve changed their business.

The whole “console war” stuff needs to go away in time. Microsoft are clearly building something different than Sony.

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Oh ok. It sounded like a speech you repeat in front of the mirror.

It’s okay to have preferences, but saying things like : Sony has the best lineup in the history of gaming, is a bit much. I’m pretty sure it’s not. And you know that if you bought the PS2. So you could have said “in my opinion”.

And you say : console wars are stupid, while taking a jab at Xbox. Pls refrain, your colors are showing.

Ok, I’m out.

When’s the last time the cheapest console got decimated?

PlayStation will handsomely outsell Xbox that much I agree with. But they always will. The 360 is an anomaly where Sony launches a year late an a crazy price with a console devs hated. Even then it ended up outselling the 360.

I don’t entirely agree that Xbox has nothing. You cite marketing deals yet ignore the biggest game of the year and the most anticipated game for a generation having the Xbox marketing deal. I’m not sure marketing deals make much difference but you can’t have it both ways.

Sony are bigger than Nintendo and pretty much have been since they entered the console space. If Microsoft wanted to own it they absolutely could. Because as a company they are huge compared to Sony and even more so Nintendo. But that isn’t their aim, and hasn’t been since Balmer. Their aim is different. In terms of words like blood baths who will at the end of the year make the most money? I will give you a clue it won’t be Sony!

The answer to that question is Nintendo. They have been able to gouge their fanbase for years with no repercussions, and I cannot explain why. And I’m just as guilty. I straight up love Nintendo and my Switch

No it isn’t. Microsoft absolutely dwarf Nintendo and Sony combined in revenue and profit.

Didn’t PS3 end up ultimately outselling the 360, at the very end?

The Series S is $160 cheaper than the PS5DE in my country… Of course it will sell like crazy.

Microsoft as a whole does. Their gaming division does not.

Iirc even this generation Xbox is within a few million of the PS4 in the US. What Microsoft really needs to work on is their international sales.

But as a whole is what matters. Who knows the markets and how to exploit them best? I think it’s why MS play their own game. No point worrying about a fight with smaller companies for stuff that doesn’t matter.

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