Power On: The Story of Xbox (six-part documentary)

Just finished binging this.

I like the honesty and transparency of talking about their failures with the RRoD, and especially the Xbox One, it’s actually surprising they went deep and back into it.

The documentary was really well made in transitioning from each generation and era, with each one having its key people, talking through and about comprehensive development and and key moments timeline.

The last episode started with the Xbox One disaster that almost killed Xbox, and “ended” in an open-ended outlook signaling that Xbox’s story is not done yet…


Man last gen was dark days for Xbox but great documentary I was surprised how they had asked angry joe to use footage from that era considering how he really lambasted them over it but he was in the right tho with how terrible those policies were but bright future ahead it also speaks volumes that each gen one of the big 3 screws up hard

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:eyes: I’d love 6 more parts i still think there’s alot more info they havent told us. I personally would like to see a more detailed talk about the lack of 1st party content during the mid xbox one period and the shift to PC.

I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for that Valentine’s Day meeting.

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Still not fully watched all the eps. But lemme guess, no Molyneux interview in there?..

Can’t believe they actually got :matrick_emote: back.

I remember watching a UFC fight a few years ago and he was just in the crowd. I also read something that he retired and bought a private island.

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Fight Island!?

Finished up all the episodes. Really good stuff. My only nitpick would be that I would like to have heard more about the ins and outs of how they refined their hardware processes after the mishaps.

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I thought the 6th video handled the acquisition fever pretty well. Looking forward to a hypothetical video #7 with more acquisitions!!!

What did the video say ?

Content is what will drive people to the platform, and with the rise of Game Pass, growing their first-party output was going to be extremely necessary.

They even mentioned how they mishandled Lionhead.


I’m assuming it didn’t hint at anything in the future ?

No, if anything they framed it as “Bethesda was the last piece of the puzzle” but obviously we know from every interview the management gives that’s just not true.

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Nick Fury shows up and asks Phil to join the Avengers Initiative.

You have to stay past the credits though.

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Man Kinect was so good and its a shame its been banished. The best voice controls on the console.

And I know Don isnt well liked but these documentaries making me kinda feel bad for him a bit. I dont think they meant bad for the brand but the xbox one reveals just did an insurmountable amount of damage that is still being fixed to this day.

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Episode 6 was my favorite. Interesting that Don said he wanted to stay on as head of Xbox to really help push the vision he had forward. Indirectly said he was pushed out (which we all knew anyway)


Binged the entire series already. It is GREAT. Very insightful and doesn’t shy away from the highs and lows of the brand over the generations.


Man this is SO GOOD. I put it on and my wife groaned-- then she was riveted and made me play two more episodes because the story was so fascinating. :rofl:


I will be curious to see if this will come to pass. Not any time soon, but I’d love to see them create more parts as the Xbox brand ages.

Interesting. I feel the opposite, largely because it was the most propagandist. In fact, I kind of feel like it was the only episode with a bit of an agenda, whereas the other ones felt more raw, open and honest.

Since so much of episode six covers very recent events, this makes sense. Airing your failures and dirty laundry years after they happen has little chance of damaging the brand (the opposite, I would even argue) but divulging nearly current such information is another matter.

So while I can’t really fault them for the tone of part 6, it definitely made it my least favourite episode.

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