[Poll] What is the highest price you would pay for the Series S/X?

Microsoft reaches the following percentage of potential buyers with its pricing for the new consoles:

Xbox Series S - 84 % (74 voters)

Xbox Series X - 95 % (99 voters)

XBOX Series S

  • 199 $
  • 249 $
  • 299 $
  • 349 $
  • 399 $
  • less

0 voters

XBOX Series X

  • 399 $
  • 449 $
  • 499 $
  • 549 $
  • 599 $
  • more

0 voters

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If I buy an Xbox, it would be a ‘Series S’

I’m not a console gamer and use consoles only for co-op experiences. Things like Jackbox the Party pack, Overcooked, FIFA, etc. are what I play on the couch.

A Series S would be perfect for that. For more story focused and singleplayer focused games I tend to use my PC.

€299 seems like a decent price for the S.

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Probably $599 for the Series X. I have no interest at all in the Series S, so $0

I’m confident in what the Seriex X provides. I’m ok with $599 but do hope for $499. There has been no official info on Series S, so I hesitate to put a limit or dollar amount on it.

However, I game in short spurts when family time and responsibilities allow so I appreciate the fast jump in/jump out of a console over my PC; especially the possibilities of quick resume! So the Series X is my only interest (4k OLED set with 7.2.1 Atmos/THX surround). However, I’m on the fence if I’ll get my kid the S or X.

€499 would be a good price for the Series X, high but not too close to “might as well buy/upgrade a PC”.

€199 or maybe €249 for the Series S, if not cheap af what is the point?

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Im getting a xsx, so no more then £499/$549, but im hoping its £449/$499.

You’re absolutely right. The Series S must be getting pretty cheap. If the rumors are true and the price of the PS5 without drive will be around $399, it will be difficult to sell the Series S at $299. The additional performance of the PS5 in relation to the additional price of $100 is then the much better overall package.

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Yeah it has to distance itself substantially in price compared to both Series X and PS5 imho.

FTR my vote has to do with Canadian prices being higher due to currency conversion and my financial status. I think higher prices are absolutely fair for these new machines (PS5 included).

Yeah I don’t care that much, I’d pay up to $900 for a Series X, paid as much for a PS3 back when it first came out. (Australia)

I wanted next gen to start yesterday. I’m ready for it.

Considering the “general” price range the Series X is expected to fall within, I’m good with it.

Whether that’s $499 or $599.

XSS - $300 XSX - $500

More than that and I get pushed closer to upgrading my PC. I expect those to be the prices though.

Didn’t vote for Xbox Series S as that’s not the console for me and I won’t be buying it whatsoever.

I voted “more” for Xbox Series X as I honestly don’t have a limit on what im willing to spend. I’m buying both Xbox Series X (primary) and PlayStation 5 (secondary) at launch, several games digitally day one, a few games on disc day one, a 4K LG OLED, a new TV stand, a computer desk, two Gaming Chairs, a new modem and ethernet cables while also increasing my internet speed so yeah, im spending a small fortune just for next gen and launch so an extra $100-$200 isn’t going to make any difference for me so im simply all in no matter what. Less than 11 weeks to go!!!

I’ll be paying in CAD so whatever it is. It’ll be pricey.

Series S: I don’t know. We don’t know anything about the console yet. That said I’m expecting it to be closer in spec to the PS5 and not what the current rumors are. I’ll probably opt for the X anyway.

Series X: I’m probably looking to pay around $499 so if it is $599 I might just have to wait a little longer for my little Xbox fund to catch up or a price drop.

I’m not paying more than $500 for the X. No interest in any other lower model, save a digital only edition.

I need an X to write articles about games for too, so I’ll get it pretty much regardless, but I would ideally not spend more than 500-600 Euros on a single console. Series S is something I’ll only really consider as a secondary device for local co-op and the likes, so I hope I can snag it for less than 300 (if at launch). I don’t think I’ll buy one until it hits like 100-150 though, like I snagged an extra S for 99 two years ago.

Uhh, looks like you have to wait a long time and drink a lot of tea. :smiley:

I’ll have a Series X at launch, so no hurry, and for some time chances are most games I’d want to play with my fiancé on two consoles are gonna run on Xbox One X too. That price won’t be reached soon indeed, but a man can dream :slight_smile:

I would not assume that. A Series S that is close to the PS5 does not make much sense to me personally. I rather think that they will try to serve every customer group. On the one hand, the demanding customers who want high-end hardware without having to make any compromises and on the other hand, those who simply want to enter the new generation at the lowest possible price. But I could be wrong and maybe you are right with your estimation.