Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced for Late 2022 release

Confirmed Open world:




Looks to be set in Spain/Iberian Peninsula, and taking after Legends Arceus a lot. Excited for it


Well…. I was looking for a Switch OLED last weekend. It’s like they knew!


The starters are awesome, can’t wait


They are all my children but Fuecoco is my special boy


I’m sorry but I can’t excuse how bad that looks graphically, I’m not normally one not to buy a game because the graphics but WOW that looks horrible and after Arceus I sort of gave them benefit of the doubt (hated the way that looks too) but yeah no I won’t be buying this, it’s too bad that it’s actually an eyesore.

Pokemon let’s go looks better than both these open world games, I think it is actually a big mistake making the move to open world on the OG Switch they should’ve waited till Switch 2. I’m super annoyed because I love pokemon. Sorry for being a downer.

Good stuff, more Pokemon games please!


I’m legit surprised new Pokémon is happening this year. Say what you want but unless the game is CoD noticeably same, these guys are working hard.


It’s incredible how Nintendo could start the Year with there best IP and end with it as well

Both Sony and Xbox needs to look into this

Making AAA block Buster’s is not everything… Best thing is to bring the content out at a good pace

Hope both PlayStation and Xbox shifts away from making hundreds of hours campaign games to concise and short campaign games which release every year.

And complement those games with Live services as a second offering for those who want those long hours gameplay

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trainer outfits look like ass.

its insane just how milked this franchise is

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sony and ms dont have the luxury of making the same shit multiple times every year, make it look from 2 or 3 gens ago and still sell millions without horrible backlash


Pokeyawn :yawning_face:

Nah but seriously it’s pretty crazy how stacked this year is for Switch. Never been a Pokemon fan despite always being a Nintendo fan my whole life though.

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man… the protags look like the preschool kid class lol

Well that felt out of nowhere

Feels like a really short amount of time between Sword/Shield, Arcaeus and these.

Or is that my imagination?

Itll be 3 years since Sw/Sh, which is par for the course for a new generation. Presumably Arceus is made by a separate team at GF while the main team has been working on this since Sw/Sh released

These games don’t look like they cost a lot to make so they’re pumping them out

Arceus was a refreshing new entry but it felt like an experiment for mainline pokemon game…and that was proven correct.

This game will be the game to really move series forward hopefully. Really hoping this is fully 3D

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Was Sword/Shield not?

I have Shield and it felt like it was a full 3D game ot me

The grass starter reminds me of Litten too much.

They are a massive improvement over the Sword and Shield starters though.

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Agreed! I didnt really care for any of the Sw/Sh starters other than Scorbunny. Hopefully Sprigatito stays quadruped and takes after the Liberian lynx

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The exact time between gens since gen 5. I’ve written some explanation on why this game was predictable in the last direct OT.

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