Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced for Late 2022 release

But it wasn’t. Still isometric view in towns and fixed camera. Just 3D models running around. I’m talking Arceus level of freedom. The only fully 3D explorable areas in Sword were the wild areas and they were piss poor.

But its not just the 3D world. They need to make this game more than “hey its Team X and they’re gonna have cringe worthy dialogue and fight you every town until you take out leader”. Sword and shield might be the worst game of all time as faras dialogue and writing goes. It was horrendous even by pokemon standards. The character design was also abysmal. I just think that game all round was awful.

Fair enough, I didn’t mind it myself, but then I also wasn’t as in love with it as I always thought I would be given I was expecting a “console Pokemon game” for 20 years.

Maybe that’s why

You mean… like what Xbox did for the most of 2020?

I am not sure what are you referring to?

I agree, specially when you have something like game pass to support devs creativity.

You said, "Both Sony and Xbox needs to look into this

Making AAA block Buster’s is not everything… Best thing is to bring the content out at a good pace

Hope both PlayStation and Xbox shifts away from making hundreds of hours campaign games to concise and short campaign games which release every year."

Can you see why I referred to 2020? You know… the year where Xbox released:

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Bleeding Edge
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Grounded (Early Access)
  • Microsoft Flight Sim
  • Battletoads
  • Tell Me Why
  • Wasteland 3
  • Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition
  • The Bard’s Tale Remastered

That entire year proves Xbox is aware that they can rely on more than just AAA Blockbusters, release more than just at the end of the year, and release a variety of content that addresses the GaaS component, short-campaign titles, and those that fit the larger-playtime crowds.

Xbox was already in a process of releasing at a wider cadence before this pesky thing called COVID really hit its stride. Before anyone states something about Nintendo also being affected, that’s absolutely true but the majority of those titles don’t fit two of the three parameters just discussed in the last paragraph; their single “live service” game released in that timeframe, Animal Crossing, was constantly lambasted for its lack of continuous support and received its final update and only expansion not even two years post-release. Simultaneously, it’s not as if Pokemon Scarlet/Violet is the type of game that takes years to put out (as proven by Game Freak themselves release three games in barely over a year’s time).

You said MS and Sony need to learn from Nintendo…no they don’t. They’ve had a decent start but it balances it out them having what has been pretty piss poor last 2 years. 2022 might be Nintendo’s best year since 2017 but lets not act like Nintendo are the masters of releases when they’re shoving old ass emulation games and wii u ports every year. Their holiday 2020 and 2021 games were mediocre as well.


When you look at Nintendo’s releases past 2 years. Outsie of Multiplat Indie games…its been shocking. I’ve barely played my Switch over the past 3 years. The odd game here and there.

And there’s that too, I’d prefer some leave the hyperbole and revisionism at the door. As a Wii U owner, the first couple of years worth of Swtich support by Nintendo was lackluster.

Nintendo holidays 2021 had Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei V and Mario Party, and before that Metroid Dread. A very solid end of year, in my opinion.

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Really bad Pokemon remakes. Dread yes it was one of the best games they’ve put out. SMTV was fine but nothing special. They sold a ton of switches. But when you look at the library, there’s something not right. Top 10 is always the same games. Mario kart animal crossing and you’ll see the odd older or newer game. 2020 they had Hyrule warriors spin off.

2022 might be their best year. Thats if BOTW2 comes out and Bayonetta 3. But we know they aren;t.

I’m not saying its terrible or anything. But I don’t like it when people say Xbox needs to do better and then talk about the Switch. Cmon now. I only own 2 consoles and have done for over a year now as my laptop can’t run shit. Switch and Series X. I rarely play my switch if at all. I just recently spent time with Pokemon LoA which was good but I’m done with the switch until Mario Strikers probably.

I disagree about the bad Pokemon remake. I enjoyed a lot my time with BDSP, a game with challenging trainers and a enjoyable post game since 5th gen. Mario Party Superstars was my favorite entry since the Nintendo 64 trilogy. I didn’t play SMT V, but people like Atlus a lot to not see this game as an important release (I mean, even your name refers to the franchise). My end of year was all about Nintendo and Forza Horizon 5.

That said, I agree when you say that 2022 will be Switch’s best year even without BOTW2, which I beleive will release only in 2023. My only disagreement is about the quality of Nintendo’s end of 2021. When I compare Nintendo and Xbox is from another point of view: I think Microsoft announced lots of blockbusters and, in order to improve Game Pass and Xcloud appeal, they should also invest in games that are not huge, but I can enjoy and laugh with my friends. Games like 1 vs 100, Fusion Frenzy, etc. In this case, Nintendo with Mario Party, WarioWare, Mario Kart and Smash Bros is indeed the benchmark.

Oh yes, that’s what I want them to do. But want them to implement this on there big games (most of the games released in 2020 were just AA or AA+)

I am thinking like Hellblade 1. Super AAA polished but small in campaign length.

Also think about elder scrolls Skyrim. It has a base game And an online game. Like CoD has a base campaign and an Online Warzone.

Make the campaign short and concise but highly polished. And then make an online version of the game for live services.

They don’t have to do it with every game. But more the merrier for me.