Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Overview Trailer

That looks kind of rough. I grew up playing Pokémon back in the Red, Blue and Yellow days. It’s sort of depressing to see how the series hasn’t “evolved” much and when they finally attempt to do something different it feels like they’re given a limited budget and time.

It baffles me how Pokémon is a billion dollar franchise and it feels like Gamefreaks is a small indie developer.

They’ve been doing this for 25 years! Why hasn’t the team grown or taken more risks in the last 20 years!?


the game looks like absolute ass and it’s not even about art direction which I think is decent, it’s simple things like the shader normal direction, specular are all wrong, basically either the engine is trash or the technical artists haven’t kept up with the past decade. But I am excited for it nonetheless cuz the franchise is finally doing something different to shake up the formula. Still have some gameplay related reservations, and it might not live up, but I wasn’t even caring about the recent games, so it’s a step up in that regard.


Why are so many people bashing its technical limitations? It’s on the switch. I think we’ve been spoiled with next gen games

Game might not look as pretty as sword and shield. But sword and shield were absolute garbage and this game seems way more interesting.

The pokemon games I’ve enjoyed on switch were Snap and mystery dungeon

Mainline games can fuck off. They’re outdated boring trash now. I tried playing diamond and pearl and I lasted 2 hours. I’m done with that stale dull formula.

EDIT I’ve just seen the vid. Take. Back what I said about visuals. Game looks way better than sword and shield

I’m actually excited for this. First time in 12 years I’m looking forward to a pokemon game.

I mean, I saw much better looking mobile-only games (and Switch is an ARM like smartphones), it’s incredible how this license can make people buying without quality concerns outside few rants here and there.

I’m a Pokémon fanboy. My current job was a referral from a friend who plays Pokémon with me, even my marriage has an implicit condition on not doing anything besides playing Pokémon when it releases. This is my bias when I talk about Pokémon.

That said, Game Freak always releases games below the graphics expectations and full of bugs. And the fanbase always overreact on anything Pokémon does, a price to pay when you are the greatest fiction franchise ever.

Still buying day one and playing like nothing else exists, because I am this guy.

Some mobiles have way better capabilities. Are you accusing me of buying without quality concerns? Dude. I’m one of those people who has been saying pokemon has been shit for over a decade

My point was is the game good? Is it fun? Because I couldn’t give a shit about graphics on a switch game. It’s the fucking switch!! You have a games that runs 540p on handheld. Throw the graphics argument out the window with this system. It’s gpu is equivalent to a 10 year old graphics card.

And I’m saying I’m not that guy. I couldn’t give two shits about pokemon. Once upon a time I did.

I think the game looks like a nice change up and am getting it day 1 for sure

Not you in particular, but certainly a large subsection, like why I stopped buying FIFA while I’m an avid football fan and I always played football games.

It’s certainly possible to do much better, the series would demand the level of quality of the other Nintendo IPs.

We have some games that look and run on the Switch way better than this shit game freak puts out. Heck even Lets Go looked pretty good.

Game Freak just has an insane technical debt they refuse to acknowledge and they know they get away with it cause its Pokemon. Can be ass and will still sell 15M+ on the Switch.

My question, why aren’t more people upset about the visuals!?

Yes I know gaming isn’t just about hot graphics but it’s sort of ridiculous how far behind the curve Gamefreaks is. Once again, Pokemon is a Billion dollar franchise, it isn’t some no name brand trying to get known, on top of that, Gamefreaks has been developing pokemon games for 25 years now.

Very different games, but I played Zelda Breathe of Wild on a Wii U and it certainly looked better then this game.

I want to overlook it but it’s more than just the graphics, the last Pokémon game I truly played deeply was diamond. Then I got a switch and purchased Sword, to my surprise it felt like the series barely moved forward and there’s like 10+ years between Diamond and Sword.

I wish we held Gamefreaks to a higher stand, or at least the standard that ever other triple A developer is held too.

Gamefreak just needs to borrow the octopath engine and make a pixel pokemon in it. would look gorgeous.

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Some small things that went unnoticed.

They have fixed the anti-aliasing issue that was present in the older gameplay trailers (tbh most switch games seem to have a problem here), and there’s some SSR going on now. Sure these things we now take granted from the rest of the industry lol but glad to see some improvement has happened at least.

The walking sound of pokemon differs based on their weight, feet and the terrain.

More dynamic camera control

Weather effects can be noticed on your outfit and the pokemon you have out.

Can switch between throwing items vs pokemon with a single button press, good QoL.

Overworld draw distances for essential things like pokemon, pick up items and settlements are much better now.

Pokemon sizes seem to be respected a lot more, as Onyx and Gyarados are massive in scale in this game.

Overall IMO the game is looking a lot better than the initial reveal, but seems like it could have used another 6-7 months, but looks like they haven’t been given that kinda time so it what it is. It just fucking sucks that Zelda gets to take 4-5 years but they gotta keep pumping out a pokemon game every year or two. Maybe the second iteration of this game will improve on things that are currently ehh. But man, I am personally glad to finally fucking see a new but very much demanded for direction in this franchise, hope it sticks the landing.

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FIFA Is something I still play…but I go back to Older games. I’m never ever paying for FIFA games ever again. ITs pointless. FIFA 17 I still play and its still as good as these new lazy releases.

What game of this type looks better? I’ll have to question the “run way better” A lot of 3D games with big worlds run like shit on switch bar a rare few like Mario.

Pretty hyped rn tbh

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Who is playing this?? Best pokemon game I’ve played for over a decade. So refreshing and fun


I’ve started it recently, but havent gotten the time to play enough yet. Glad to see its getting generally positive response. Although it does seem like this is a foundation for where this new direction could actually go in a future entry.

Ngl, every single one of my friends who have this game absolutely love it lol.

Might cave in and cop it.

Seems like a great proof of concept to build upon.

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Is Pikachu in this?

I might buy it if Pikachu is in it.