Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Overview Trailer

it’s present in the game, but I heard it’s considered a rare spawn, so no idea how easy it is to get. But yeah, it’s there. This guide might help early on if you really want the boi asap.

Caved in and got it last night, this game has that “IT” magic.

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I was absolutely out on this game but after reading some reviews I decided to buy it. I like this game a lot. This should be the way forward with the series. It definitely has its flaws but compared to DP remake which I didn’t make it to the first gym before I got bored and quit.

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What is this doo doo game? I’ve seen mobile games that look better than this…

I’m enjoying the game except there are so many slow pointless cutscenes… whyyyy


This game has established a new flow state (overworld to combat and back to overworld) for the franchise that I simply cannot imagine ever going back from. Like just being able to still walk around during a combat encounter, while I’m already looking to the next one in the distance, and hit that last move and already be ready for the next encounter in mere seconds. Being able to throw balls at multiple pokemon at the same time as well, being able to throw pokemon at trees, crystals without a manual prompt to pick the items up every time, aaah, I love it.

And the new improvement of being able to manage the four moves on the fly without needing a whole move forget and relearner or any of that bs. It just makes more sense too.

Still not entirely familiarized with the attack order mechanic. Gotta get used to being able to attack twice or get hit twice and the whole “looking around” thing being more prevalent than just for Slakoth lol.

All in all, pleasantly surprised with where it’s going.

Just the barrenness of the game which feels underwhelming, hoping the future games in this new direction bring more settlements, gym battles, so on.

my first few hours were dreadful because of this fr. But it got much less annoying and frequent after those intro hours in my experience.


.those DP remakes are absolute trash. They’re so outdated it’s Unreal.

Anyway I’ve sunk in 50 hours into this game. So addicting and I love the open nature of this. Love being able to just go out and do what I want and tackle quests or finding pokemon the way I want without being bogged down by linear pathways and story.

Remember in pokemon you’d get stopped by trainers on routes every 10 seconds? None of that shit exists and the game just flows and you have freedom to do what you want when you want.

This is only an issue because Pokemon somehow cant afford voice acting.

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I really like this game, but it’s weird how story-heavy this game is when it’s the same exact story/formula for past games.

Collect all the creatures, battle the gym leaders/noble pokemon.


Why not? Pokemon is capable of giving out great stories but the lack of voice acting imo hurts this. They be giving you 5-10 minutes of just TEXT in 2022.