PlayStation Studios |OT| New Logo, Same Studios

Yes 100% Sony needs to change a bit not always the same TLOU blueprint applied to almost all big internal AAA. Melodramatic 3rd person aventure sad story family issues bow and gun in a forest etc lol

I want more fps or action games. More new bold IPs breaking the mold. More experimentation like Ape Escape.

It’s also good to see more 60fps games on PS5 even if the console is weaker than the competition, give options as it matters a lot to all.

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Fantastic OT. I’m curious to see whether Sony will indeed commit to timely PC releases and/or to PS Now offering proper new games in a platform-agnostic fashion. My decision on whether I need a PS5 is based on what options will be available for the exclusives I’m interested in.

I’m excited to play The Show 21 on XSX.

I can’t decide when I’ll pick up a PS5. I’m thinking probably around the time the sequel to God of War 2018 comes out

I’m day one for PlayStation 5 but I would imagine that the sequel for God of War will be no sooner than Spring 2022. My guess though is Spring 2023.

Holy shit. I decided to plug in my supposedly dead-since-2007 original PS4 and it’s working!

Now I am contemplating if I should sell it or play the exclusives I have missed - including Miles Morales this November.

Can you play backwards compatible PS4 games with the dualsense on PS5? :thinking:

I believe you can but if you use the Dual Shock 4 with the PS5 it’ll only work with PS4 games, you have to have the DualSense to play PS5 games.

Is demon souls a Ps5 exclusive forever or timed? Does Sony own the IP?

If it it only timed how long? Sony is really deceptive about timed exclusivity.

Sony does own the IP. As of now, it’s PS5 exclusive only but im expecting it to go on PC at the very least. PS4 is possible but unlikely at this point.


Well that’s what I though. But the trailer Durring the show said something like coming to other consoles later or Something at the bottom. That means that PS4 later?

Could end up being a PS4/PS5 cross-gen game as PS4 would be “other consoles” but at the same time, I would think that they would have announced it as such considering they announced Miles, Sackboy and Horizon 2 as all being cross-gen. Tough to say for sure because Sony’s messaging has been all over the place the last few days so no one really knows 100%.

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Yep at the very least PC as it is a Sony IP.

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Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales is currently rated 84 on Open Critic which is a great score but lower than the first game which I do agree with as it does seem to be an 8-10 hour expansion as opposed to a full fledged game. Not a fan of the optional side content in the game as it still sounds/looks meh like in the first game. On the positive side, there’s no stealth missions like in the original which I freaking hated.

Insomniac Games is definitely one of the best development studios and can definitely give the top tier in Sony’s first parties a run for their money. Looking forward to playing Miles when I eventually buy a PlayStation 5 and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in Spring 2021.

Rumors going around that Sony is going to acquire Bluepoint Games if they haven’t already and their next rumored PS5 remake will be 1998 Metal Gear Solid. Really hoping this is true. Imagine that game on PS5 remade. Oh man. Was hoping that Demon’s Souls was going to be MGS but oh well. Good things come to those who wait so hopefully, this ends up being true.

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Bluepoint being acquired doesnt really change much for the gaming scene I think and its more of a formality like Playground was for Xbox. Also can they make something else besides remakes??? I kinda wanna see if they are up to that.

While it doesn’t change anything, it’s not really meant to. It’s more about locking down a development studio that has for the most part only worked with Sony. I would like to see them expand into two teams if/when acquired. One team for new games or sequels to remakes of games that the second team is doing.

I loved Metal Gear Solid so if it was to get a PS5 remake like Demon’s Souls did, that’s day one without question. Overall, it’s adding another high quality development studio to their already industry best lineup of first party studios.

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Demons Souls looks amazing. Take my hat off to Sony, I’ll buy a PS5 eventually to play it.

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I see an acquisition as less of a formality and more of what happens due to that, things like creaton of more teams and tech sharing for example. There’s a reason why most Sony games have amazing facial animation and in game cinematics, no doubt it’s due to all the internal studios getting to consult each other and do R&D across the board and access tools, workflows, pipelines, etc. In the same way Turn10 laid the foundation for Playground to create Horizon, there could be scenarios where the Bluepoint team can leverage super secret sauce Naughty Dog tech, or Sony Santa Monica using what Bluepoint did with Demon’s Souls in the next God of War, so on.

And yeah, creation of more teams, maybe one on remakes and one on original IP.

Wasn’t 100% sure where to post this, but I just beat Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s really good. Fantastic story, great combat, excellent characters and the world is a ton of fun to explore. Reminds me a bit of Bethesda games.

I do hope Forbidden West delves deeper into the RPG mechanics though. I loved the dialogue options but wish there were more/made more of an impact, and I wish your strength/attributes would increase in a more RPG style instead of just through augmentations to weapons/armor. Still, minor gripes in what is already an impressive game made doubly so given (correct me if I’m wrong) Guerilla has never made a game of this type. Gives me even more hope for Fable given PlayGround’s experience with world design and the help they could get from Obsidian, InXile, Zenimax Online and Bethesda Game Studios if needed.