Playstation confirms at CES over 30 million ps5 sold already

Jim Ryan took the stage to make this announcement himself.

What I want to know is, where is Microsoft’s presence at CES ?

Why would Microsoft be at CES when they’re not announcing or showcasing any new hardware or peripherals ?


Sony was there to show more of their PSVR2, Xbox has no new hardware right now, why do they have to be at CES for? Just cause Sony is there does not mean MS has to be there, for no reason to be.


Seems like a good place to announce cloud purchasing being available no ?


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rumor is that MS wanted to reveal something at the event but they didn’t because of the ABK deal.


Topic re-opened.

I guess it was too early to reveal the PS5 Slim if it is supposedly releasing around September…?

I think that they want to keep the hardware line clear for the release of PSVR2 in Feb - I imagine any revision announcement will be neared to E3/whateverthefuckitiscalled.

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Streaming only is the future some people say lol.

Considering the PS5 is a lot more expensive makes this even more impressive.

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Who said that? I do see a mixture of both though. Something like 70/30 or 60/40.

I can´t wait to see the redesigned model, hopefully black. Current one is comically big and ugly. I really hate it.

They better fix that liquid cooling to. It seem when put PS5 vertical liquid cooling run off lol.

A few people think that, not saying it’s a common sentiment.

So basically for every 3 consoles Sony sells, Microsoft is selling around 2. the gap is definitely closing which only bodes well for consumers this current and next generation.

Of course it is. To deny that is to be blind to the past. Back in the early 2000s (with the launch of Ebaum’s World and YouTube and their ilk) some people rejected the idea that video streaming was the future of movie and TV consumption.

But once those services launched and proved that the concept of internet video on demand was not only possible, but popular, it was inevitable that the technology would be refined and improved and eventually be ready for mass consumption. Just as it is inevitable today that streaming is the future of videogame consumption. Maybe it’ll take 10 years, maybe 20, maybe even 30. But it’s most definitely the future.

Streaming is already perfect for me, no noticable lag, I can easily top the scoreboard of halo multiplayer playing over xcloud.

The only issue I currently have is that the stream quality is too low. Whenever Microsoft increases it to 4k, and allows purchasing of digital titles to play over cloud, it will explode in popularity *for those close to Microsoft datacenters

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streaming becoming a popular options is not the same thing as streaming completely replacing people playing games natively on their own hardware :yawning_face:

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