PlayStation acquires Housemarque and Nixxes Software



So where are the articles asking if they will make multi platform games?


I think the acquisition of Bluepoint is also happening. :eyes:

I hope they are doing some remake of a Konami game. :pray:

Why Konami is always associated with PS without any logical reason?

Anyway I went on several sites reading the comments about this news and PS users are so toxic, much more than others.


judging by the fact returnal MC is in bluepoint notice, but the reverse isn’t true, I’m guessing it was meant to be housemarque then bluepoint.

Some intern is going to be getting a stern talking to

also since this happened and directors cut of GOT leaked, I’m guessing today is sony news day, and date of event will be announced

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because Konami was always “close” to PS :man_shrugging:. MGS4, Silent Hills etc. are some of the examples of this relationship.


What happened is so weird. It’s like MS saying : “hey, we bought IOI. No no, sorry, it’s Avalanche. We bought Avalanche !”

You don’t make mistake like that. Not at this level. They fucked up.

So now, everyone is focusing on Bluepoint being acquired instead of Housemarque…


they maybe could have gotten the license just to remake one of the games, highly possible

Jim Ryan is going to go on a rampage over this leak…


You make mistakes like that because both images look almost the same. But the CM will get a lot of stick.

There is nothing other than wishful thinking and fanboy theories.

Highly possible based on?

So the talks started last year and we are getting the news now. It just goes to show how long these things can take when even a small developer can take this long.


Sony doesn’t have the financial flexibility to pay whatever they need for anything, for example MS closed a 7,5 billions deal during last summer.

Wasn’t there a rumour that Returnal was kind of audition or test for being acquired ? Maybe it’s true and Sony was waiting for the metascore of it or whatever the criteria are for being acquired.

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Good for them, suits both parties.

I only hope that Xbox community won’t freak out for 1-2 middle level acquisitions like they always do with Sony news, many people have an inferiority complex and/or are frauds. XD


@Shpeshal_Nick said that in multiple podcasts including the latest one.


I’ve sold my Xbox and bought 3 Playstations.