Playstation 5 Price Speculation Thread

I don’t believe that xsx will cost only 400. I bought xbox one x for 500 day one and the beast xsx will cost 400? seems wrong.

No way XSX is 400€. It just can’t be. For which price are they going to sell Lockhart then? 249€?

€499.99 would be my bet.

Yes, I think it’ll be 499€ as well.

Sizable if verifiable.

Probably too good to be true, though :smiley:

That’s exactly what I expect if the PS5DE comes in at 400.

The less I have to spend on Lockhart, the better! :smiley: Edit: I really feel MS should also do marketing around costs for next gen. Keep your controllers, market the sh** out of gamepass and its unprecedented value, cheap entry level console… There is so much for them to use as an advantage.

I would never rely on a “leak” from a normal store. The prices are only internal placeholders. Sony and Microsoft are currently making a huge secret about the consoleprice. They would never give it out to hundreds of dealers at the risk that this would be made public

Lockhart will be a nice secondary device for my sons room.

Hopefully this gives me more screen time with the big TV :innocent:

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Satya opening the war chest perhaps?

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I think lockheart at 250 would be magic price for impulse purchasers.

You also gotta make sure it’s attractive for all access deals

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Makes no sense otherwise.

€399 for the Series X sounds amazing but completely unrealistic.

Don’t believe that’s accurate. I also think both ps5’s will be the same price.

Carrefour is huge here in France, but I don’t think they have a good track record when it comes to date/price leaks. Either way, 399€ is not going to happen, moreso with Lockhart around the corner.

I think 300/500 is the most realistic prediction, I could even see 350/550.

Alas, pricing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, just as price drops over a generation do not necessarily only reflect production cost savings.

I fully expect MS price policy to reflect whatever Sony is coming up with for their consoles.

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Yea our non-insider @RandalThor19 says it will be those prices…I agree with him. 299/499.

MS will either let Sony announce their price first then undercut them, or announce their price first a put it at a point they feel Sony can’t match.

Sony depends on profits from hardware sales, Microsoft doesn’t. If MS wants to be truly cutthroat, they can undercut or squeeze Sony on price. I do not expect the base PS5 to cost the same as a XSX. MS will move to undercut them by at least $50

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I don’t see how XSX is cheaper then PS5, it is just a much better HW and tech overall. Maybe MS will subside it somehow, but would be crazy if it ended up being cheaper.

If you really think through Xbox’s strategy to push people into services the easiest way to do that is to sell them xbox hardware. So making the console a cheap loss leader and gateway into gamepass makes perfect sense to them. They are to an extent hardware agnostic BUT come 2022/3 when 3rd party start making games only for the new systems (and some 1p too) you need people to own your hardware. So I honestly think taking a loss on physical hardware is only way the whole strategy makes sense. If they don’t do that - how many series X’s do they need to sell to make gamepass viable come 2022/3? I suspect more than they are likely to if they aren’t hyper aggressive on price.

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