PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Next month is May. Yeah, easy to guess.

It’s insane how the time flies, jesus.

They don’t have a great year when it comes to first party games, but that doesn’t mean they can’t finally show what their studios have been working on.

All dat GaaS greatness. Lol.

Kidding, or well, maybe not. Even Bend’s new game was rumored to be GaaS.

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Just give me a roadmap. It’s all I ask.

I’m staying with my State of Play in May and PlayStation Showcase in September prediction. Either way, really hoping for a Tsushima 2 reveal.

They’ll certainly need one as they’re in a real pickle. Their console sales have dropped, they were forced to cut of 4million consoles, margins are down no major first party till next year, major restructuring with layoffs, studio shutdowns, game cancelations, budget cuts and now you have an interim head.

They certainly need a showcase like the one they had nicknamed the E3 of dreams as all that is holding them up now is PC. They need to rekindle their fire in a shrinking console market. I hope it’s a showcase and not a state of Play. A showcase will go a long way and would deter Microsoft from trying to keep PlayStation relevant.