PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Same for me. Not into handheld gaming at all but if there’s a docking station and I get a great experience while still playing on my TV and saving money, it’s win win. Just have to be patient and wait to see what happens the next few years.

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I’m sure it’s better than ever. There’s still too much negatives for me though and I got tired of it so the threshold to get back into it is very high.


Yeah, I’m certainly not suggesting that any choice of where to play games is better than another. Everyone should do what is best for them. Just that many, if not most, of the hangups/stigmas from the past about PC gaming were left in the past. And I would argue the barriers are lower than they have ever been. There are Mini PC’s now with better performance than either console in the $600-$1000 range. Modern controllers all connect to them wirelessly via bluetooth, Steam recognizes which controller you have (Xbox or PS) and it all just works. You dont need to tweak settings, the vast majority of games on PC detect your hardware and automatically set the settings.

I was predominantly a PC gamer from the early/mid 90s till the early 2000s back when you had to know everything about your computer including the IRQ and DMA channels and match them to the specs on the box just to play games.

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Ironicly enough, that 1% of the time being shown recently with Helldivers 2. Ooof.


Decided not to go with a PS5. Sold my other hardware and just pocketed the cash. I’m all in on PC, hopefully PlayStation brings their titles there faster. :+1:


Are you interested in AMD or Nvidia? Because I would suggest to wait for Nvidia to show the RTX5000 series, that way the 4000 series price will surely drop off or you could buy one of the 5000 family which set you up even for the entire of the next next gen.

I have a laptop with a 3070, so I should be ok for a little bit. It plays most games at high settings with DLSS which has surprised me. Will definitely look into a desktop build end of the generation.

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Nice! DLSS is black magic.

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Currently, the docking experience is very very poor. I hope they figure it out because it’s a very apparent blight on an otherwise excellent experience. I’m sure part of it varies based on TV and stuff, but I wouldn’t go in expecting anything consistent or smooth.

That aside, I’m really loving the Deck and the Steam ecosystem.

I was going to wait for the next Steam Deck to see if the specifications are higher but the docking experience being poor is disappointing. I hope they figure it out too but thankfully, I have a few years before I decide if I purchase the next Steam Deck.

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I hope they fix it soon. Make sure you look into it before committing! For reference, I’m having issues with an LG CX 55 and the official dock, as well a third party JSAUX one.

Oh damn, I have the same TV. Good thing im waiting.

What are the issues that you’re having?

Just bought Helldivers and the servers are down. Thanks PlayStation! :partying_face::clap::tada:

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What a pathetic post. The game is made by a small to medium sized studio that isn’t even owned by Playstation and they are dealing with huge demand far beyond their expectations. They are trying their best and have made an extremely good game.

Do not make them smaller than they are. The game is fully published by Sony, heavily advertised in State of Play and backed by Sony money. This is not a “indie of the day” game.


Why aren’t there any reviews for Helldivers? It’s days since it released.

Most of them (including) IGN still sat in review.

This is the only one live on Metacritic:

I don’t care how big or small you are. You charged me hard earned money, so you better work. Take a chill pill.

Pretty much all video output. Essentially, plugging the Deck into the dock outputs the video well enough, but only once per boot. If you unplug it and plug it back in, it just outputs a black screen while the Deck’s screen stays frozen.

The problem is that this happens every time you put it to sleep too. It also means that swapping back and forth between handheld and docked is clunky.

This problem reared its head again when I wanted to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales. One of the reasons I bought the official dock even though I heard it had issues is that I knew Valve supports it with firmware updates, and that they had added VRR. Well, I turned VRR on for Miles Morales and boom, black screen. And now I can’t disable it. Which means I can only play that game handheld or if I connect it to another of my (significantly less good) displays. I had ticked the “use this graphics profile for just this game” selection before messing with it, and I don’t know if the problem would have occurred for everything if I hadn’t.

I had a few other issues here and there about scaling and automatically-set resolution too that I can’t remember off the top of my head. It all just really soured me on using the dock at all, which is a shame since that was intended to be my primary use case.

I wasn’t expecting smoothness on the level of the Switch, but it was really disheartening to see. Even more so because, if you look at the Steam Deck subreddit (and look past the one million useless posts about “hey guys here’s a photo of my new baby/cat/game gear next to my deck!!!”) you’ll find that updates to the deck itself have been part of what broke the dock, and it’s been months.

I’m no stranger to tinkering with computers, but Linux is a bit beyond me so all the fixes I haltingly tried I had to make while uncomfortably unaware of their effect. On the level of “open up the console and type ‘sudo some.url.github download latest fx t - - pm -xyzzy’” and hope you didn’t just fuck yourself.

Admittedly, if you only ever want to use it docked, don’t mind the interruption of fully turning it off when you’re done and on when you want to play, and are willing to overlook issues, these things aren’t a huge deal.

But it all speaks to what an excellent package the device is. Even though I mostly got it for docked play, I love it even in handheld. The breadth of the library is outrageous. When things work, they work great. Emulation is a snap. It’s surprisingly comfortable despite its weight. SteamInput is staggeringly good. Tuning games to your preference can be fun in its own right and lets you get more or less out of the more than decent battery. The screen on the OLED is phenomenal. Upgrading the onboard storage is supposedly very simple. Streaming from my Series X and PS4 is flawless and responsive (though the PlayStation streaming was a bit of a pain). If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and mess with the desktop mode, you can get stuff like a P.T. port or a widescreen port of Link’s Awakening or a recreation of the Hawkthorne game they play on Community running. And the games can be so damn cheap if you’re willing to keep an eye out.

It really is all the positives of PC gaming in as close to a console experience as it can manage. But the dock is shit.


I mean it’s just one person who probably forgot to switch account, not representative of Insomniac who have a lot of cool and nice people.

But I find it funny that Ms has a hold on a now Sony IP like that :sweat_smile:

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