PlayStation 5: Answering your questions on compatible PS4 peripherals

Well this is unfortunate news about DualShock 4 not being compatible with PS5 games. :frowning:

(No console warring)

Coming from the Switch where the controller’s innovative features were barely used by most games and many of those games gladly ran even on third party controllers withour rumble or gyro, this is certainly a bit suspiciously close to arbitrary decisions rather than technical reasons.

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Yea, outside of their first party titles, I don’t see why there should be any incompatibilities. Really a shame.

“please buy our new controller, we believe in money from peripherals generations and not in FC. kthxbye” Let’s see how many games will use the new features that warrant to make such a decision.

It’s only the adaptive triggers and that’s not necessarily something that “necessary” in order to play the game. Sure, the feeling wont be the same but that decision should be up to the user in my opinion. Oh well. At least now we know.

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People even argue the “share” button which is now the “create” button which does something when pressed! How? It is an arbitrary button, at the same position, which triggers a function in the operating system. It is the same button, only with a different name.

I don’t mind it too much. I would’ve given developers the freedom to allow PS4 controllers, but I can understand how that would lead to a messy situation.

Innovation, no matter how big the innovation is, will always have growing pains.I prefer Microsoft’s solution, though it’s a bummer they aren’t innovating on their base controllers.

(As a PC player I’m fine with this. I’ve got an Xbox One controller that I wasn’t intending on changing… wonder if I’ll be able to play PS5 games with my Xbox One controller when they reach PC. Lol.)

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Yea, I think it should be a developer decision but understand it can be messy. I do wish that MS innovated more on the controller like adaptive triggers (though I still need to see how adaptive they are) but I also understand and like that there’s a bunch of compatibility and I don’t have to rebuy new controllers just for the sake of a feature that won’t be used in every title.

I am happy that they came out and said it though. Especially before they revealed the price and preorders opened. This is the month of reveals :slight_smile:

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They know people are going to buy them anyway so they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

I understand the argument. But the argument only works if the majority of games use the microphone, which is the only feature the DualShock 4 doesn’t have. Even then you can ask players to plug in a mic.

The cost of getting into the PS5 keeps going up. It’s doubtful that PSNow will receive any major updates to match GP in regards to first party titles, or even 3rd party at the very least, so you’ll be buying a handful of games at launch and for local multiplayer you’ll be buying at least 1 additional controller.

While I get why Sony wants to move people over to the new controller, I feel like it should have been a developer decision based on what they’re doing with their game unless Sony is mandating use of the new features.

Sony is adding 1 new indie game per month to PSNow.

Don’t like this decision because the controller doesn’t seem to add any must have feature that completely requires reworking the game design. Except perhaps if they want to change some actions from time based to resistance based (like when using a bow instead of holding RT for a while so the character charges it, make it requiring more force to press the button). Though even then, for accessibility reasons and compatibility to other platforms both means would have to be developed and balanced anyway.

I want to see how much they sell these for. I predict $69.


Disappointing that PS4 controllers aren’t forward compatible but at least it seems like most peripherals will work.

Did it catch anyone else’s eye how they specifically say “supported” PS4 games or supported PSVR titles? I really hope we get a full list of all BC supported games sooner than later. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be the entire catalog.

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That got my attention too. In theory it should have 100% compatibility since it’s hardware based and how they are keeping the marketplace separated (which means BC games are not required to be relaunched into the new store like they are on Xbox)

While the DS4 not being compatible with PS5 games is no tragedy its not that great either.

I was wondering why Xbox was touting this feature. That’s a shame, although I don’t think it will matter much. The wording around “select PS4 titles” is curious though. I wonder when they’ll release a list of PS4 games compatible with PS5.

@KageMaru so basically what you said. Lol

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Well we don’t know how much BC relies on hardware and how much it requires software support. I forget which presentation, maybe the PS5 deep dive or leaked documentation, but I got the impression that BC support may actually rely on 3rd party involvement to include support.

I wonder if MS will go over their BC support in more detail and that in turn puts more pressure to clarify their level of support. Probably a low priority for them but they are going to have to provide some specific info before launch.