PlayStation 5: Answering your questions on compatible PS4 peripherals

Yea. It’s not a deal stopper whatsoever. Just really sucks. At least bigger accessories are compatible.

Tweeted this separately, but you’d think more consumers would want the cost of entry to be lowered as much as possible, especially with COVID possibly affecting people’s finances. Odd to see consumers okay with Sony operating like they’re in a vacuum. If Microsoft does get rid of Gold, I’d guess the same people defending DualShock/PS5 nonfunctionality will still be just fine paying for PS+. So weird.

I imagine the reality of today’s world is most people aren’t bothered because they know it will come with a controller so they are set. I’d bet if local couch play support was more common, not to mention safe with no worries of a pandemic, then more people would care about their additional controllers won’t work. Most people use online to play with friends and you only need one controller for that.

Its just not as good as the competition. Its a welcoming change that xbox is making x1 controllers fully compatible with the new generation. Having a new controller be required has been pretty anti consumer ever since the technology has allowed controllers to work on multiple generations. Its great that this benefit PC players have enjoyed for years is coming to xbox consoles.

Yes, I agree. It’s not as good. It just shows the separation of the two companies even more.

Between this and the state of play being PS4 and psvr only, not the best start to the month for Sony.

Indeed, and in this area I prefer the route xbox is taking.but both approaches have there pros + cons.

Yes. I like that the companies are going to be more unique rather than battling to be the same. It’s better for gaming. Sure, I would like things to be cheaper but it is what it is. That’s why I like Nintendo’s approach, it’s just different from the other companies. While there are some overlap, all three companies are approaching gaming differently and that’s going to lead to more unique experiences for us.

I think there are just better and worse ways of doing things. With the switch being so radically different and the wiiu having limited success, I think the switch having a completely fresh start was the right choice. Sonys traditional approach has the benefit of exclusive games showing customers why they should upgrade to the new console. But with diminishing returns a cross gen period of a few years also makes sense, however one thing Im a bit disappointed with xbox about is the lack of a real showpiece, but in terms of game line up they are very competitive and they have the best services and hardware, Im actually most excited for current gen games like warzone, rdr2, fortnite being upgraded for next gen, they only next gen games that really excites me is Fable and Avowed. Sorry for going off topic but its been a while since ive had the opportunity to talk about gaming.

I agree there can be better and worse things, I also believe that it’s fine to have differences even when one’s approach is the traditional way. Some people don’t want to have things changed and that’s fine for their point of view while others want another way. What we can say is that the gaming landscape is big enough for different ways to approach gaming. Note, that I agree with your opinion, just looking at the entire gaming market.

No problem on the off topic, I gotchu. :slight_smile:

Yes I agree, great time to be a gamer and thank you for the warm welcome :beers:

No problem. Welcome. :slight_smile:

I agree. I think next-gen is gonna be the next golden era of gaming. So I’m excited.

I am screwed.

I was hoping I can use my Xbox2Playstation controller adapter with the PS5. This adapter enables me to play Playstation with my Elite Controller. Dammit.

Damn, that sucks. As a person who played God of War through PSNow on PC with my Elite controller…I can’t imagine having to switch controllers. Hopefully a new adapter comes out for PS5 or that it somehow works on it.

Feels like an arbitrary case of PS drawing the line to sell as many PS5 controllers as possible, I totally get that business decision considering every other move they are making.

Gonna suck for people who still have spare PS4 controllers realising that oh they don’t work when they want to play local multiplayer. Even weirder when you can use Dualshock 4’s on xcloud which I would imagine applies to the XSX games as well.

My investment to elite look more and more smart by the day.

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IMO this is more MS being consumer friendly then the other way around. Barring Nintendo, a new console generation means a new controller that isn’t compatible.

MS announcing months ago that Xbox One controllers would be compatible was huge news that everyone seemed to sleep on.

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Feel sorry for the folks that have premium controllers like Scuf. The games these are probably used the most on, Call of Duty and Fortnite probably won’t use the new dualsense features so I don’t see any reason why DS4’s shouldn’t be supported.

A big reason why I bought an Elite series 2 was because I knew it would be supported on Series X.

So perhaps someone can explain to me why PS4 arcade sticks are an exception? Do they not work with all games but only select ones? What differentiates an arcade stick from a DS4 on a technical level?