PlayStation 2021 Company Earnings

A similer difference between PS + Xbox as last year

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Yeah, it’s kind of screwed up. Their Audio products are way better than they get credit for. Near professional levels if you get the mid to upper range stuff. But everybody goes for more expensive apple products :(. Same goes for their phones, great products, good support… just nobody buys them for some reason.

Really I have a Sony Bluetooth headphones they lasted me for years now. Noise cancelling and still get updates including 3D sound recently. Sound quality wise they are on par with many far more expensive models. As codecs are also important in Bluetooth audio, and Sony supports most of the higher bitrate ones, and has one of their own too, which their phones support.

Sorry if I seem Anti Apple, I love Wozniak, just can’t stand the fashion statement that brand became. With a rabid fanbase that actively hurts their own rights. For goodness sake, who would be against repairing or expanding their own bought products!? The first Apple computers were even sold as a package you could build yourself!

-Grumbles- I was born too late for the “fun” Apple, all I have known is the annoying fashionista one :(.

But yeah, all ranting aside. It’s sad to see that Sony is doing that bad in the Audio and Phone departments. When really they make great products there.


You’re very focused on PlayStation divulging PS Now numbers, but are you focused on Xbox not divulging Xbox Live Goid subscribers, or console sales?

It’s why I think we could see Sony selling a lot of their hardware business because it is dragging down the profitability of their other divisions. The Sony brand does not have the same caché as it did in years gone by. It is also not like Sony has publicly stated that they are positioning themselves as a media and services company.

I see you are getting defensive over that for some reasons. I also don’t know why you want to bring up Xbox so much into the conversation when I just stated that I thought they would divulge one of their service subscribers numbers on their annual call ( not trimestrial call ). I even said that it was because they focused elsewhere.

As for MS not divulging console sales, they did that for a long time already and focused on gaming revenue, contrary to Sony who kept doing it, so no suprises there.


Stop posting obvious FUD.


The only problem is that I never brought up Xbox or Game Pass in the discussion. I never denied Playstation is making money the way they do know, and I even believe Jim Ryan when he said that Game Pass is not sustainable for them. That’s even why they are focusing on their strength with PS Plus, and they will probably do a complete all-in-one subscription with movies, animes and perhaps music down the line, with PS Plus in it. It won’t be like Game Pass, as they will propose what they can.

I actually agree with you there that PS is profitable the way they do their business right now. I simply just thought they would say their PS Now subscription numbers… that’s it.


Sony is going to invest an additional $184 million in its first party. They are also doing 2nd+3rd party deals like the jade Raymond one.

I wonder if they will be buying additional studios aswell, because while this investment is good, its going to need a hell of a lot more to get to Xbox’s current first party level.


I think it is expected ( about investments ) and in-line with what Ryan said too. I think they will focus on helping new studios to foster relationships with them and get more games from them. As for new acquisitions, I think they will try first with partners like Housemarque and Bluepoint.

It’s been like that for a while. The TV division of Sony is going to disappear in a few years, same with their phones. Their movies division has been very unstable as of late too. The reason why they don’t wanna spend a ton of money on their gaming division like Microsoft is doing is that it’s one of the profitable ones they have and they don’t want it to have a lot of expenses.

Microsoft has more leeway because Xbox is their fourth biggest division and around 10% of their revenue, which is a lot, but their survival as a company doesn’t depend on it. Sony does depend on PlayStation.

Microsoft really doesn’t get enough credit for being composed by three division with a 33% revenue each and similar levels of profit, they are the most diversified company out there.


I wonder if that $184 Million is just the cost of all the current open positions at their existing studios and maybe new offices. Anyone seen a running tally of open recs? Maybe includes tools and equipment too? Is there a timeline on that expenditure, is it only the next quarter or over the course of the next year?

They have already said they are looking at acquisitions and they did try and buy Leyou, although that showed that Sony is not the only one so competition is tough atm.

That certainly seems the logical course. I dont think sony will expand there PStudios too much, but rather try and adapt to the competitions output, which I dont think will be as successful every year, but sonys marketing will pick up some slack in those quieter years.


184 million means investing in multiple teams within their current studios and second party deals with Bluepoint, Haven and the like. Development studios’ prices have gone way up, there is not much they can acquire with that money. Maybe Bluepoint.

Its says its for adding additional personal to there current studios.


Yeah I know, its says in the article I posted lol. But we dont know if they intend to make further acquisitions and if they do how many?

Yeah, I think they are going to make their studios have multiple teams. Santa Mónica is already building a new team for a new IP, for instance.

Nothing I said is FUD, and I definitely don’t hate Xbox. (saw your edit)

I hate misinformation, and there is a lot of it out there these days. Some people enjoy misinformation when it fits what they want to hear, which is why some people are eager to provide it.

It’s clear they don’t intend (SIE) to make big acquisitions with that inversion growth, maybe something like Bluepoint or another small-sozed studio. Regarding what you said about Leyou, Leyou was going to be a Sony acquisition, not a SIE or PlayStation acquisition. So it was going to be a multiplatform company like SIE Online was (which was shut down after the failure of games like Wildstar).

I’ll be so sad if that happens, they have been my go to brand for good headphones and audio :(. I just know some Chinese company will buy it and “YES BIG PHONE! BIG SCREEN! That is what users want! BIGGER! Also who cares about audio range. JUST ADD MORE BASS! Haven’t you seen the review of Apple and Beats products BASS!”.

Sorry, I overreact, I just really do like the range of audio even their reasonably priced offerings have. Over the “can vibrate your your fillings and then your teeth out!” quality of the competition.