PlayStation 2021 Company Earnings

Great results for PlayStation as well, both console manufacturers are clearly very healthy. Exciting times in our favorite industry


24bn annuall revenue for PS should make Xbox/MS happy. There is room to grow in terms of revenue for them.

Good benchmark.

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That’s the kind of positive thinking I like.

Instead of crying the success of rival - better be happy on the opportunity it may present.


Along with every other manufacturer, Sony must really hate these shortages because although the PS5 is more than matching the PS4, they could have sold way more. But the thing that jumps out at me is that more than a 1/3 of Sony’s revenue is coming from downloadable content. It is why Game Pass is such a different beast to other subscription services because the avenues for further monetisation are more numerous.


True. Phil or Sarah, I think, mentioned as much. There is cross monetization that happens in Gamepass that traditional subscription services like Netflix simply yearn for. DLCs or game purchases on a discount or even MTXs for games. Also, the opporutnity for game discovery and trial is much higher.

17% of games sold were first party. :eyes:


Not surprised.

This is Playstations best year ever and it’s clear why.

They have marketing rights to CoD, Fifa, etc. These are absolutely gigantic games that are far more important compared to Halo/Spiderman/Zelda to the vast majority of gamers.


Ouch! So, the Playstation group is making up for the rest of Sony not performing. Bittersweet.

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Yeah, the pandemic has obviously hit their film business hard for example, but even prior to the pandemic I believe PlayStation was a big driver of profits for Sony.

Same article without the paywall :slight_smile:


A bit weird there is no mention of PS Now numbers again. Probably the reason why Sony is focusing much more on PS Plus.

It’s pretty clear they don’t really care about PS Now.

Funny enough, the people that seem to bring up PS Now more than anyone these days are Xbox fans. lol

Probably because it was supposed to be the Game Pass competitor with the way they organized it, but yeah that seems to be old news and they are 100% on PS Plus.


PlayStation Now launched before Game Pass even existed. lol

Sony’s focus is where the profits are. Selling games and PS+ subscriptions.

They launched it before, but then when Game Pass was a thing, they actually brought kind of the same system that Game Pass did. Paying a subscription to have access to a bunch of games.

It was just curious to me because I thought they would have unveiled the numbers still for PS Now. Which means that rumour about subscribers numbers going down may have been true. All in all, great numbers for Playstation, even though they are doing the heavy lifting for Sony in general.

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They aren’t reporting because the numbers would be lower than the last they gave.


They did add game downloads to PS Now, and I think they view the service as a whole as a why not situation. For those that want a PS game subscription, why not offer that option?

But as they’ve explained previously, they see maximum profits selling games, selling PS+, and selling accessories to people inside of their walled garden. The traditional console model is doing extremely well for them.

Pay close attention to those who claim Game Pass is profitable right now. This claim is only made by people who have no evidence to back up that claim. No Microsoft executive has ever made that claim. If Sony believed they could make more money doing exactly what Microsoft is doing, they would do it.

Pretty sure PSNow says it’s has 700+ games Whilst Gamepass says 100+ games.

But to be honest why bring up either when you look at the sales it’s clear that the majority of gamers still don’t care about Gamepass just yet. Let’s hope E3 changes that to some degree.

I never argued though that Sony is not making money on Playstation, just that it was surprising that PS Now numbers were not divulged. Even though they are making more profits on PS Plus and games sales, as an annual earning company call, it could have been there.

I won’t pretend to know how much Game pass is earning MS because I’m not working there ( and I don’t know why you brought that up in the first place ), but it will be come highly profitable eventually with the way it is going. Although i will agree that I don’t think Jim Ryan was lying when he said that a Game Pass model won’t be sustainable for them.