Pics of Series X at the Xperion e-arena in Saturn (Germany)

Taken from Twitter… Pics not mine… But it looks so amazing up close :yum:


Oh man, she’s a beauty! It’s kinda just dawned on me that we would of had loads of these style pics any other year.

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Word bro… Any other Gen we would have had truckloads of pics n info already…

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is the green an actual light illuminating when switched on or is it just painted plastic/metal?

I really like the design of both consoles but the XSX is my favourite simple but classy

just painted plastic

It’s a sort of optical illusion… It’s just painted…

Missed opportunity here, Microsoft. They should have added a “Ambient Light” LED with various settings:

  • Xbox green
  • user selection
  • corresponding to the system color selected by the user in the OS settings
  • etc

This might be the first time I mod hardware just for the looks.


Man I love the design of this console!

Are there any real life comparisons to existing consoles?

would of been so cool if it was an actual light showing status of console etc.


Nice, already made room for mine, in my AV unit lol.

Can’t friggen wait till I get one.

I see Xbox on the system itself, but that’s the reflection, right?

The most beautiful console ever made

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Yes, that’s just a reflection from the glass it seems. The console is fully black with the exception of the small Xbox logo.

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Who wins?

A 1950s Brutalist Building or a Zaha Hadid Skyscraper?

Not going to lie, the look of the series x has genuinely really grown on me :slight_smile:


This might have blown the price out of proportion, but I still thought it would haven been cool to have something like this as a more expensive option, showing notifications and such:

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The build of it is some next level shit!!!

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I have always planned to situate the console vertically but at a 45 degree angle but didn’t know how it would look (wires would have to be tucked, of course) and these images confirm to me that it’s a good plan.

Fantastic ideas, and we may see that. I suspect it’s painted here because it’s not plugged into any power source, and all official depictions show the unit light up.

The real question being that if it could light up in any colour. I do like how consoles (even going back to the Wii) have a standby light and an orange one for when the XSX is in standby, one where it glows white when an achievement is unlocked, or blue when you get a new message or party invite, are all useful. Most of all, the standby light is the most useful in knowing when you can or can’t unplug the unit.

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