Phil Spencer wants a handheld Xbox


Xbox handheld is prob the only way I’d stay in the Xbox hardware ecosystem in some form as I’m pretty much moved to PC now, it’s 100% happening so I hope it’s convincing!

What specs do you have?

Doesn’t sound like a guy that wants to stop making xbox hardware. In fact looks like Xbox is getting a new category of hardware.

Hope people stop freaking out about hardware now.

I have a steam deck but would love a real xbox portable. They have the ecosystem and resources to pull off something pretty cool.


Running DD2 alright. 60FPS out in the open world, 30 in crowded areas, mostly max settings (no RT) at 1440p.

Though for the most part anything I throw at it at 1440p max settings is 60.

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We are going to see more Xbox hardware than ever before. In 2026 we may see a Handheld with Series S specs, and another 2 tiered launch with a Pro and Value console.

Image them launching a 500$ series S handheld, a 300$ Series s2 and a 600$ Series X 2.


Releasing a handheld at the same time as a Switch 2 is probably the worst time to release it. It needs to be before it.

It won’t be in competition with the Switch 2.

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I’ve said if they’re not differentiating their consoles with their software, they’re doing it with the hardware.

Expect more and more unique Xbox HW.

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Xbox handheld is unlikely releasing next year and when it does launch it will almost certainly be much more powerful than whatever Nintendo is offering

They are already competing against Playstation and considered “losing” so might as well try something different

Personally I think offering a high end handheld is much more compelling to people out there than a basic console that’s more or less neck and neck with a PS in hardware


I love my ROG Ally but if I could get a proper Xbox handheld that let’s me access my massive Xbox 3rd party library it would be a day zero purchase for me.


Really nice rig you got there. I envy you! I cant even began to think buying a “next gen” game with my humble gtx 1060

I was a minority in the past and I know I will be one now with this take but I hope it’s a lot more like the PlayStation Portal where the controller is full size and the screen is large.

It’s not necessarily a pocket portable but those are the features that matter the most to me.


The existence of a native handheld doesn’t preclude the existence of a portal like device. That being said, it’s more likely very low on the priority list because a phone does that and so does the Logitech G Cloud. Microsoft doing their own version of a cloud streaming handheld isn’t really adding anything extra.

I’m just talking about form factor. There are already enough streaming alternatives out there, with the only benefit of an Xbox streaming device being extremely affordable ($149-199) because the price is subsidized.

Portable Series S is gun be hev E


Just get a steam deck, install windows on it and you have both a portable PC with steam and a portable Xbox GamePass machine…

Just avoid EA titles and old Bethesda titles because they didn’t share save files with console, and EA titles lack achievements

A Steam Deck with windows doesn’t provide what people currently on Xbox want, not does it have any of their games/purchases, windows on PC is also trash compared to xbox OS on console

People need to stop saying this stuff, it’s the equivalent of telling someone to buy a PC instead of a console, maybe they don’t want a PC


I use my steam deck with windows daily, and it’s fantastic and serves this very purpose.

Have you ever tried it ? Or have you formed an opinion over what, YouTube videos ?

Good for you, doesn’t mean everyone else does

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