Phil Spencer to be interviewed in Animal Crossing

This should be fun.

I’ve enjoyed Gary Whitta on the Kinda Funny Xcast and he was probably the most critical of the most recent Xbox Games Showcase so I’m interested in how this goes.


Gary Freaking Whitta! What a huge thing Animal Talking has become. He literally had Selena Gomez on the show just a couple nights ago.

Great get with Phil.

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COVID-19 era is so strange.


Indeed, but this is pretty cool.

The head of Xbox taking part in a virtual interview in a Nintendo game is wild. Also one of the things I love about Phil, can you imagine any of the heads of Sony, Nintendo, Google etc doing something like this?

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This should be cool. It’s been a bad week so it will be interesting to get Phil’s take.

Well, I suppose I could imagine the head of Nintendo doing this.

:laughing: Well, there is that. I maybe wouldn’t expect to see someone from Nintend being interviewed in Sea of Thieves for example.

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I’ve watched some of these and generally they are pretty entertaining. Can’t wait.

A bad week? Doubt Phil will see it that way or even reference it.

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Spiderman exclusivety and iOS xCloud block both shit for us and Xbox and both mainstream news. I’d be shocked if Phil hasn’t had a shit week.

I honestly think Phil exists on a plane above internet drama about console wars. I think he probably stays pretty level. Doubt he gives much of this stuff a second thought. End of the day most of this stuff he will have known about weeks if not months ago.

This is not internet drama. Both of these things are mainstream news, BBC articles etc.

An interview in SoT would be filled with nothing but griefers coming for Booty.

I think xCloud has been in a positive light, overall. Yeah, the iOS thing sucks, but I’ve been seeing lots of gamers excited to try out on Android September 15th (myself included). In general it was a good announcement.

I like Gary, but he didn’t even know Playground was a UK dev studio. Not expecting much from the interview but who knows?


I never particularly liked any of the Kinda Funny cast, even the new members. I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts at work, and always tried listening to Kinda Funny and ended up thinking that the hosts are not particularly funny, or entertaining. They all sounded to me like your typical Twitter blue checkmark personality, always playing it safe with their opinions, very milquetoast deal.

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Much like anyone critical of MS, as soon as they’re face to face with Phil Spencer, they just ask some real softball questions.

Cough Jeff Gerstmann cough.

Phil probably knew about these things for weeks if not months. He’s already admitted in many interviews that Microsoft and Sony are well aware of what each other are doing and are very rarely surprised. I remember him saying he knew about Shenmue 3 before it was announced.

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Yeah this is true.

This is true, but publically it’s new for everyone else and the public reaction to things may surprise them?

I don’t think it’s been a bad week personally, they had no control over either thing.