Phil Spencer to be interviewed in Animal Crossing

It’s also possible that the interview is only possible if certain question are not part of it.

I think the reason is often most of the criticism is fanboy console warring. And asking those questions directly is pretty hard. List wars, sales etc…

That’s unfortunate because the questions that need to be asked are the hard questions.

If you were interviewing Phil what would you want to ask him?

Perhaps I can try and pretend to be PS and channel his thoughts and answer…

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What hard questions are we talking about?

You want him to comment on fanboy feelings? Like when crapgamer lost his mind when MS stated they will ship games on PC going forward? Why?

As for exclusivity deals. He has literally stated his opinion on them in the past. “Business deals happen” .


Jeff Gerstmann has never played softball with his interviews with Phil.

I agree this seemed harsh again Jeff, his Phil interviews on their E3 GB Nightly shows were some of my favourites.

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Would love to see some questions like: Going into this next console hardware generation, what excites you most about the new PlayStation console? What do you think gamers will like most about the new Xbox console?

This Animal Talking thing has been hilarious. Interviewing people like Sting in Animal Crossing, who would have thought lol

Lol. What excites you about your competition…

As soon as Sony can answer that question I’m all for MS having to answer it.

Hey, pose that to him on Twitter, he often replies to fans. Phil isn’t shy about talking about Sony’s games and how good he thinks their first party output is so I imagine he’ll just say that.

Good idea. Xbox employees in general are more likely to be open fans of all platforms, Jeff R mentioned playing Last of Us 2 on Major Nelson Radio the other day.

It’s a fair question, and if I were interviewing a Sony exec, I would most certainly ask them.

Yeah, Major Nelson is often talking about taking his Switch on his travels. There’s just a bit more openess from Xbox leadership these days I feel.

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If Microsoft knows you are going to ask hard questions, they wouldn’t allow a interview with Phil in the first place.

@NutterB If I was asking @XboxP3 a question it would be: “is it your intention that going forward, Xbox Game Studios games will all have touch screen controls for those that are cloud enabled?”

No one is asking this question and to me is very important going forward.

It’s not a hard question but something that needs to be answered given their intention of Cloud Gaming. Sure there are other questions but I think it needs to be answered.

The problem with the idea of “hardball” questions and “softball” questions is that the stuff from a fan perspective that are “hardball” questions are actually either :

  1. Expected and probably already PR rehearsed
  2. Not actually a hard or soft question and just something a fan wants to know and knows darn well isn’t gonna be answered like asking what the initiative is working on or about lockhart.

In turn some “softball” questions can be very unexpected or easy to flub as many politicians would attest to.

This will be fun!

The most important question is when are we getting a new killer instinct for Xbox series x.

I was honestly hoping that Microsoft would acquire iron galaxy for killer instinct.

Especially with the amount of love and care they put on top of double helix’s amazing foundation.

Perfect time to ask about the future of Banjo Kazooie.

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