Persona 5, what happened?


Always remember that Phil Spencer the Head of Xbox himself said Control was coming to Game Pass and then it took like a year for it to finally drop.

I believe that was an accident though. At that time I don’t think it was planned to join the service.

Control was a game thst already existed on xbox. It wasn’t a big deal

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There is a great console for Persona 5 … Its called the PS4/5.


There were rumours of Persona coming to Xbox

I don’t recall anyone saying it would be announced at E3

I most certainly didn’t.


That’s because there weren’t any. It was just an assumption that E3 would be a good place make such an announcement. Obviously that never happened lol.


Man that’s like twice in the past week everyone assumed everything you teased would be at E3.

You must being getting a tad stuffed (am I using that slang correctly) about all this.

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There were Kingdom hearts Collection rumours to xbox for a good year or so until it happened.

Heres my thoughts about P5 as hopeful as I am(I’m more calm about it now)…ms probably got a deal for it but heres the thing…it has to be ported and developed for xbox…and my guess is MS don’t just want the PS4 port. They’d want a version running on a series X with 4k with 60FPS…options that PS4 doesn’t have even running on PS5.

So for me its more a question of what Atlus want to do with the Persona franchise going forward and how Sega want to deal with it. They’ve come out and said they want Persona 6 to be their GTAV…well ok. Thats fine. But before that can happen…Persona as a franchise needs more exposure. The only way to do that is to put it out on not just Xbox but PC and Switch.

And Royal on Gamepass is a huge deal for Sega. Thats millions of people being able to play one of the highest rated RPG’s of all time. This isn’t your Dragonquest Builders or Octopath travellers as good as those games are…we’re talking a top tier AAA JRPG of the last 10 years.

So its a big deal regardless for MS and i’m sure something will happen there.

The only optimism i have is because of Sega. Not Atlus

IF this was Atlus before they were bought by Sega i’d say 100% theres no chance of it happening. But We’ve seen Sega and their relationship with MS. They love Gamepass. Its just about timing. Persona 6 is still probably a few years away. You build towards that by rereleasing your old games.

The end goal for MS should be simple. We have Elder Scrolls 6, we have Starfield we have a bunch of AAA WRPG"s. JRPG market doesnt’ have as many AAA games…an FF16 is going to be a year exclusive. Persona 6 should be a game MS make sure comes to Xbox day 1. Even if its multiplat which it will be. They need to make sure that game is on Xbox ecosystem from the get go.

I’m pretty certain Dragonquest XII might be as well. Though i’m less optimistic due to it being Square.


Also, wouldn’t Persona 4 come before 5?

Since the Persona 4 port is done for PC, I think that would come first before Persona 5 Royal.

You’re probably right but who knows. We might get a Persona Collection with 3 4 and 5.

Oh Goro, you know that’s not the case.

I don’t think an HD version of 3 exists. It would have created.

We’ll get 4, 5 and Strikers, they’ll do really well on GamePass and then Sony will moneyhat 6 anyways.

3 FES HD sort of does exist but not full HD. It was released on PS3 as a PS2 HD title but tops out at 720p i think or might be lower.

But yeah a full HD remaster sounds better. Even Golden was sort of a half assed remaster for PC.

If Sega are serious about P6 being huge. It has to be out on everything. Hopefully the Switch Pro is in full force so big games don’t skip switch due to the pathetic hardware.

You’ll get 4, 5 and Strikers, then a money hatted 6 by Sony. That’s it.

New offer. 3 Remastered 4 Golden and 5 Royal but optimized for next gen along with sTrikers. Plus all on Gamepass.

1 year timed deal for Persona 6 at best. I reckon i can beat P3 and 5 in a year in time for 6.

4 Golden, 5 Royal, Strikers, and the dancing games, maybe P4U on GamePass as well.

Final offer.

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I want P4 Golden port more than P5 Royal because I already have P5 royal on PS4. However, this would be a sweet game for xbox because it’s one of the greatest JRPG ever imo