Persona 5, what happened?

So all those rumors and speculation about Persona 5 finally coming to Xbox and yet here we are the day after the Xbox conference and nothing. So what happened? Coming at a later date? or was it all just assumptions and very wrong speculations on insiders part?


Who ever told you it was happening at E3?

I’ll answer that for you: no one.

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Here’s a better question for you, why wouldn’t it? It’s one of the biggest platforms Microsoft has. Persona finally coming to Xbox would be a big enough deal to have it there.


My guess would be that Atlus wants to focus on SMT. Also Atlus is a weird company.


ATLUS are weird, Persona 4 Golden and 5 Royal would make bank with simple ports, but they just leave it sitting there.

All signs point to - it’ll happen but not yet. Maybe at the anniversary later this year, but probably after SMTV is out.

If my boy @Shpeshal_Nick says it’s coming… It’s coming.

Give it some time guys :partying_face:


They would literally be making bank on simple ports. Just the rumors of P5 coming to Xbox had people wanting it. It just seemed odd to me that I was expecting it to show up yesterday and it never did.

Guess it’ll be a future event then if it is coming.

Atlus could release Persona 4 Golden on Switch/Xbox at the same time as the PC release but Atlus is weird.

Nick and Jeff Grubb seem confident that it’s happening. Give it time.

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Then there’s still a chance for IO too.

Tales of Arise GP probably not. Not that it can’t still be announced before release.

The only question is… how, exactly? Gamescom? random GP drop? Game Awards?

I had both Persona 5 Royal and FF7 Remake installed on my PS4, and I was waiting until E3 to see which one I could delete to make room for Gran Turismo Sport.

I deleted God of War. :confused:

I don’t think Grubb actually ever said he knew about Persona. I feel like Nick has been the primary source on this one.

Just be patient. This is Atlus were talking about.

My guess is it will be a shadow drop sometime end of the year or early next year.

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This ones on Nick. Jeff I’ve never heard mention Persona. But Jeff I’m afraid is starting to jot be as reliable. His Disney scoop ended up not being anything that he came up with. It ended up being a pirates of the caribbean season for SoT and not Disney+ on gamepass like was being assumed.

If they seriously shadow drop it during the year then they really don’t get how valuable of a property Persona is. Altus is weird as heck, but I feel it’s a big win for Microsoft having it come to Xbox and deserves to be showed off instead of a shadow drop randomly at some point.

Then maybe they’ll wait for a time when there isn’t much focus on them to drum up positive buzz. Or maybe the deal is more complicated than we think and it hasn’t concluded yet?

The Disney thing actually ended up being exactly what Jeff was saying. He told people Disney would be at the Xbox conference but not in the way people might expect.


This won’t be easy, there are strong forces at work against this happening, we’ll see.

Sony probably sending horse heads. :wink:


It might be not too far from truth…XD

Jokes aside, Sony repeat every time that Persona is important for them, they won’t relent it without a fight.