Persona 5 Royal coming to Xbox platforms (Korea Rating) *Update* Listing is false. But it's ok, it's still coming

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let’s go! This is amazing. :+1:


Rating boards strike again. Screw your secrets! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Shpeshal Nick strikes again.


Nice nice nice!!! I bought the original day 1 back in 2017 and loved it. When Royal came out, I passed on it. Didn’t feel right needing to buy the whole game again just to see new stuff, assuming this is game pass, now I can finally see the Royal content.

Let’s hope P5 Strikers doesn’t take too long to follow. It’s actually a sequel storywise (takes place after P5)

P5 was a great game. Haven’t played Royal, not sure I should make time for another 100+ hour game, but to those who haven’t definitely check it out. Stylish as all get up. It never hit the high of P4: Golden for me personally as I love that cast of characters, but it’s darn close.

Game Pass day 1 most likely announced at E3 obviously. Well There It Is Jurassic Park GIF


E3 announcement seems likely but what about an E3 shadow drop? I don’t wanna start other games if Persona is gonna drop onto gamepass next week.


Considering E3 is gonna fall on usually their second half announcement of the month for June I would expect it this month sometime.

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I wanted to start FFX or Octopath Traveller but I’ll hold off for now.




Do you think people got mixed up with MS buying SEGA and just working out a partnership to get all the SEGA games back on Xbox?

Sega must have a Game Pass tramp stamp tattooed on at this point. No complaints here.

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Considering Psychonauts 2 is likely going to be August. This has a good chance of being a shadow drop.

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When this does come to Gamepass, I expect no less than a victory dance from you.

That would be huge W.


Kinda weird that it’s a rating for the DLC or do they think the royal edition is a DLC ? Still weird.

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“Xbox has no JRPG’s” R.I.P.

God i hope this opens the door for more ports from Sega. Valkyria Chronicles, Odin Sphere, Shin Megami, 13 Sentinels. Bring em all on to Gamepass.

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I wonder… Does this have anything to do with it?

It google translates to: Tomorrow’s incredible announcement, we would just like to warn you. You can try to guess but no chance that you will find out!:green_heart:

Highly doubt it, but it would be awesome to see it get revealed early.

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