Paul Tassi: PS5 - How Xbox Series X Is Winning Me Over

Great video which highlights some of the advantages of being in the Xbox ecosystem right now. The whole copy-post-patch nonsense on PS5 seems insane and shows what a great job MS are doing by comparison.

The comments for the video make for interesting reading too, I think a lot of people are only now realising all the nice quality-of-life features which have been added to the ecosystem over the years.

PS - Youtube previews not working for me when pasting links into the forum, hence the image copied from the video.


It’s a solid video, and unfortunate some of the tales in the comments. The only people that are vehemently against Xbox are those that should be in an asylum for spamming Twitter feeds all day by going to war for a plastic box for a multinational mega corporation.

I’m really happy to see the sentiment start to change but let’s be real, we’ve been building up to this for some time now. It’s good that more people are starting to recognize how great of a platform Xbox is again.

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When pasting the adress from youtube, delete all the stuff the forum page add and let the whole adress as you copied it. :wink:

I think Paul Tassi knows exactly what he is doing and what his video will generate in the comments or social medias and I think he is a bit harsh. Still, he points out what the general public will slowly get aware of.

The PS5 have many small things that are not working properly as of right now and and it all adds up. I didn’t know about the new party system and it appears cumbersome for no particular reason. It’s like they use this new UI as a marketing point with cards, etc. but forgot about what’s behind it and that the transition between PS4 to PS5 should be as smooth as possible. People don’t just buy a PS5 from nowhere, most of them were on PS4, so that’s odd Sony did not thought about that enough.

I think Sony cut too many corners releasing the PS5, and what could be impressive is just not enough compared to the competition. The console will sell like hot cakes for sure and games are coming, but it is difficult to recommend a machine that seems half-baked and cumbersome to use.

I myself recommended PS4 a couple times before, but now I think XSS is just the obvious choice for casual who wants to jump in. Game pass is also the best incentive to go with Xbox right now.


It’s nice seeing the narrative slowly change and Sony finally getting called out for their bull shit. Maybe now the gaming community and gaming media can start to cover xbox fairly instead of simping for Sony every turn.


Fixed this for you :slight_smile:. Your original link had timestamp so maybe that caused embedding to fail.


The narrative is shifting majorly, people rather recommend Xbox to casual gamers because of Game Pass


This is still a bit surreal haha.


Feel very happy, or at least - pleased at our timing in terms of building this place. A small part of me wished we’d started a year sooner maybe, but we’re poised to grow and be a great platform for folks looking to get into Xbox.


I saw that poll. I was shocked


Its an amazing turn around. So many positive headlines for MS.

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Hi, thanks for that, I’ve had no trouble before this weekend pasting links in for YouTube videos. I’m sure its not timestamp related since other non-timestamped links to videos are displaying the same issue in preview (on Firefox at least). I’m pasting in the direct URL to the video, as I’ve done often before now.

If it helps, in preview, when I paste in the Youtube URL, I see the message : “Sorry, we were unable to generate a preview for this web page, because the following oEmbed / OpenGraph tags could not be found: description, image”

Well, to be fair - Playstation platform isn’t offering me much as a gamer with my limitations.

Xbox with coming to PC via Gamepass sealed the deal for me. I didn’t buy a console but giving $10 a month to Xbox.

I am a completely new customer. Never played the exclusives before nor do I understand why they are so important for some.

Xbox offered me accessibility. Without Gamepass - i would have been playing Asphalt or COD mobile.


I know right?

Its well earned success for Xbox, even back in the what some would call The Dark Ages (2013) they were making some very smart software decisions like using virtual machines for the OS and Game, which has paid off for them (and us) big time.


Amusingly, many at OtherEra, as per another poll, seem to think the negative press coverage of PS5 and positive coverage for XSX won’t change anything in terms of mind share. It’s like ppl are stuck in the moment and can’t see broader trends or imagine what happens if such trends continue. A total lack of imagination many seem to have.

Tassi is an example of this, as are others who doubted XSX at the outset. They were so used to the mindshare inertia of PS4’s dominance that they just kinda ignored what Xbox was doing. Many still struggle to conceive of a world where PS5 isn’t utterly dominant. When ppl ask if PS5 will outsell PS4 and majorities say it will, I just laugh. As if the relative market factors between the platforms that have helped dictate how things play out for generations (and even across other media industries) has nothing to do with how things perform in said market and as if ‘brand loyalty’ means much for 90% of those PS4 owners.

Ppl finally waking up a bit to see the nuance when it smacks them in the face.


I also had issues posting YT links the other day and it was just direct copy/paste of the URL without a time stamp even.

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Ah-ha! Not just me then.

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All this hard work from people involved in all aspects of Xbox is finally paying off. Decisions made by many teams 3-4 years ago and a ton of blood, sweat, and tears to make it all a reality… I’m sure they’re happy to see it all starting to pay off.

It’s interesting how much effort it takes to change a narrative that’s carved into stone, but MS’s customer-first mindset is making both Sony and Nintendo look ridiculous and some people are finally seeing that.


All I know is that whenever I buy my nephews or family an Xbox Series S with Game Pass, they play more and they have no console brand they’re loyal too.

The adults I know who have PS5 just end up letting it collect dust because they get bored of the 1 or 2 games they have and don’t use it as a media machine.

Will be even more telling when NextGen happens, how will Sony handle that transition?

Will they need to lean heavily on hardware BC since they still don’t have a software abstraction level on PS5 games? Will they still have separate SKU backend mess for PS4, PS5, and PS6 for even more insane game installations and game save migrations? Or will they shut down the PS4 store and delist all those games?

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Yea team xbox getting bought and closed created a huge hole in the xbox community that nothing filled till Xbox Era was started. Glad we got this place now.

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