Overwatch |OT| Welcome to Gold Hell!

Quick Play mode sounds like a great idea. Do experienced players also use this mode to test out different heroes? Wish other competitive online games had something like this.

Yeah, they do, to have fun or test other heroes. I’m playing it now to learn Sigma. In the Arcade you can find “Classic Quick Play”, which is the ‘old’ Overwatch where 2:2:2 role rule wasn’t implemented, so every player can switch to any role anytime during the match. Usually, it’s a mess, nearly all team mates lock DPS, which rarely see success, but it’s a mindless fun.

Competitive mode is where you can actually learn the most, cause most of the time you can have good team or at least team that know how to play. But, once you start Competitive, try to be good as possible, cause if you are not prepared your ranking will sink into low tiers from which is super hard to get out and have good matches again. Generally, you can do great if you just understand the game and play as a team, that is already like 50% of being successful.

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What did you all think of the Overwatch 2 behind the scenes from blizzcon just now? As someone who has played since release it all looks amazing! The new designs, modes, maps just god damn… but no date… not even a year… damn

I ABSOLUTELY loved it. The format was perfect, and I really love all the changes they made ( the addition of dynamic climat changes was awesome ! )

I agree I enjoyed it all the way through!, the story content looked really high quality too

I was honestly surprised by how much they showed.

So was I just a shame it looks like we’re getting no OW1 content till whenever 2 shows up :frowning:

You could do what I do… never play competitive mode ever. Quick Play for life!

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I feel like we might be getting some maps like Kanezaka for example, or some new arcade modes, but it is gonna be difficult :grinning:

Looks good.


It’s so beautiful.

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My hype is through the roof !

Not to open up this can of worms, but a campaign + co-op hero missions with a big skill tree but no loot is what Avengers should have been. That whole video I was thinking “this is the super hero game that should have been”.


Wow I’m intrigued looks like a full packed shooter experience! Skill trees that change the behaviour of a hero sounds freaking awesome.

I do have to wonder how the story will work. Will some heroes/villains die throughout? Will we only see the side of heroes? are the villains motivations reasonable?

Sounds all like a huge undertaking which hopefully pays off. I guess this is slated for after 2021.

Halo Infinite will be my main shooter no doubt but this looks promising.

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I like the story missions and it’s a great way to play with friends who are not into Overwatch multiplayer. I know a few of them who will love to play it in co-op but probably never touch multi.

And no 2CP mode in OW2? Ok, Paris and Horizon are broken maps for the mode, but Volskaya, Temple of Anubis, and Hanamura are still fun to play! I hope they will clarify this soon.

I think you’re in the minority of liking any of those…

Really? They are not my favorite for sure, but I don’t hate them as much as Horizon. 2CP mode is where you can see a team composition matters a lot. And if the team doesn’t adjust, you get rolled or time just runs out trying stubbornly to make comp work.

Yeah, 2022. I was hoping to get back to the game sooner. :neutral_face:

Did @Figments on the podcast mention something about Overwatch going free-to-play?

I didnt enjoy the seasonal and event missions we got in OW1 they didnt have too much depth and got boring too quickly. Its not something I came back to

I am really hyped for OW2 player missions and campaign. Seems like it will be great co-op fun with friends

Overall I am really keen for OW2 and I like where they are heading with it. I really hope we get OW2 end of this year and not 2022