Overwatch 2: Reveal Event | June 16


Stream started!


Is the PvE still planned to be a paid DLC?

So happy that Overwatch will have a thriving community again. Was very skeptical about removing a tank, but after playing a few games in the closed beta this was the right call. Tanks are now more enjoyable because of the reworks and feel less like a meat shield and more of a third DPS. And Reinhart is much better now that you have control of his charge and can cancel at any moment during the charge. You can actually go for solo plays without the fear of throwing the game. Only real concern is the healers, especially Brig, I think she still might need her shield bash. But they will figure it out, CANT WAIT TO CLIMB THE RANKED LADDERS AGAIN!!

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Im hyped. Loved overwatch around launch

Its been too long

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PvE will be paid content for sure imo, no way they are giving it out for free.

Did anyone get access to the beta now?

Nope, not yet

Downloading now. 20GB.

Did you buy the pack or did they send you an invite/code?

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I bought the pack… I’m weak.

I almost conceded as well, I’m so weak when it comes to this franchise.

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I don’t want to influence people, but if you intended to buy the game at launch it seems like a fair deal. Try the beta get some skins , currency and the first battlepass for 40$.

If the acquisition was complete they could’ve given access to game pass subs :sweat_smile:

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So, you buy pack and then?

Then you have instant access to the beta that starts today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of currency did they say if our unused OW1 currency will carry over to OW2? I know they said they’ll open the loot boxes automatically and that means I’ll have so much unused currency that I don’t even know what to spend on currently I got almost everything I wanted already, really hope It carries over

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I mean, where is that shown? In the store or…?