Overwatch 2: Reveal Event | June 16

Found it, in library lol

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Yeah, in the store. You buy the pack and you get the Overwatch 2 Beta instantly in your library. And you’ll get the additional bonuses when the game launches.

It’s labeled as a Demo.

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Played two matches last night as support. Route 66 and Oasis, so none of the new maps but they felt new because of the daytime change. 5vs5 is a bit chaotic when the game starts, but really fast everything becomes familiar. I don’t know what they did, but the game looks super clean and beautiful. Smooth 60fps on top of it. Also, I have an impression that the game is more dynamic and faster.

Junk Queen looks super fun to play, but that blood loss is not fun when you are affected by it :drop_of_blood:. I’m still trying to become familiar with her silhouette on the map lol.

Generally, 5vs5 is great, I don’t think we lost anything with one less tank. A good player can pop out now more often and bring advance to the team. The lack of shields is also an amazing decision.

What I didn’t like is the UI. A lot of icons, text, and general presentation feels kinda small. The hero selection screen is not impressive at all, small hero portraits and cheap pop animation? Cmon Blizzard, polish that thing more.

Overall, can’t wait to play more.

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Was hoping to get a beta key this morning, still hasn’t happened😞. I guess they really wanna see how many people crack and buy the premium edition before they start handing out codes.

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I have a spare code for xbox for those interested. PM me.

Im sorry Cayde, someone else PMed first. Maybe someone else have another code too.

It’s all good lol,

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I played a couple matches. It’s basically Overwatch 2.0. Graphics are a bit better , but you get the same skins and everything. It’s kind of cool to continue playing with all the stuff you’ve unlocked.

5v5 is different. It’s way faster and chaotic. I think I like that. I can see more people enjoying the faster pace gameplay. The new characters surely indicate that new direction.

Are there several graphical modes like with Overwatch 1? I really enjoyed 1440p at 120hz and hoping they’d leave that in as an option.

The problem is that, as someone that never played Overwatch 1, I’d only be interested in it if the game was so vastly different that, all players would basically start off st the same level of skill. This game is going to have so many players on day 1 that are just going to destroy newcomers that it might as well be a v 1.5.

That’s what quick play is for, it’s not just only competitive. As a matter of fact, idk if they do this anymore, but new players (or new accounts I should say) have to play I think 20 matches of quick play first before they can even enter ranked. And when they do enter ranked, there is a 10 match pre system that looks at wins, loses, and your personal performance to put you into the correct SR rating for your skill level. I wouldn’t be intimidated and just give it a try, you might be surprised.

My heart is melting


Yup, this is some bullshit. Blizzard just sent me the beta key past 12 at night eastern. Gee thanks guys. Couldn’t have done it during the day atleast

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Does anyone else feel that OW2 feels less smooth and stable than 1? I dunno what it is exactly. Performance or network issues maybe.

  • The new maps and the remade legacy maps look beautiful and feels like there’s more geometric complexity, but it feels like some readability and visual clarity was lost
  • The new sound engine, again, more complex details but at the expenses of readability and simplicity. For example, your steps now echo for some reason, and that might distract from hearing enemy steps. A lot of the weapon sounds were also changed and made more bombastic and loud, for no reason, and the balance of the overall soundscape is now gone, which I thought was already near perfect in OW1.

Really hope that these are just technical issues that would get resolved with time.

Now the gameplay changes and new characters are I think mostly positive. Less shields, less CC, downscaled snipers’ dominance potential, overall faster battles. 5v5 is promising.

The single player element is the big difference maker

Just found out the beta doesn’t have local servers like the main game, I get 150-200ms latency. Explains most of the issues I’m feeling with stability and smoothness.

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Beta code