Over the past 3 years, Microsoft has announced the revival of 5 legacy IPs. If this trend continues, what should be the next one to return?

Let’s imagine this trends continues (in a near or distant future), what would you like to be the next Microsoft’s dormant franchise to return ? (and which 1st-party or 3rd-party developer would be the best fit for this)

Made a strawpoll with some notable IPs to get an idea.

(only 1 vote)

Edit: made 2nd poll with multiple votes allowed

Killer Instinct (Double Helix Games + Rare, announced in 2013)

Age of Empires IV (Relic Entertainment + World’s Edge, announced in 2017)

Battletoads (Dlala Studios helped by Rare, announced in 2018)

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Asobo Studio, announced in 2019)

Fable (Playground Games, announced in 2020)

Perfect Dark (The Initiative, announced in 2020)


I see Viva Pinata and a bunch of wrong answers.


Viva Pinata. As much as I’d love to see Banjo-Kazooie, I think Viva is just a perfect game/IP for Gamepass and MS’s strategy going forward.


Besides the obvious #1 of VP, I’d love to see a co-op Jet Force Gemini with some space vehicles (like Gears mixed with Star Fox Assault, I’d love to see MachineGames do it), Shadowrun as an action-RPG (like Shadow of Mordor), and Crimson goddamn Skies.

EDIT: Oh, and though I was never a fan myself, Quake should probably return.

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I feel like with a list this extensive we should be able to choose three options. It would be interesting to see what else rises on the list if people know they can choose something that isn’t their first instinct like Banjo.

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Strawpoll only had 2 options unfortunately:

  • one vote
  • vote as many options as you want

Oh, that’s a bummer. Well mine would’ve been Quake, Killer Instinct, and Shadowrun probably.

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I want Banjo, but had to vote Viva Pinata since that makes the most sense financially. I know its not always good to chase trends, but seeing success of Animal Crossing does make me feel Viva Pinata could see massive success in today’s market. Plus, it helps fill the void of getting the casual/family market because I feel Microsoft has been very lacking of that in these past couple of years

I just dont get the hyped around Viva Pinata plus I think 1vs100 make more sense finacially

Well, it’s a Top 10 greatest game of all-time, so…

Voted Quake.

But Kameo or Blinx might be good choices if Microsoft is looking to get back into the family friendly platformer game. Along with Banjo Kazooie of course.

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you mean in your 10 games

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Which we all agreed is the definitive list. There was a meeting, you must have missed it.


Haha thank god I did with that said I do hope people who want it to come get it but give me Conker Kameo QB KI or Lost odyseey then I am happy

I am down for Kameo and Conker.

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Who do you think could make Viva Pinata?

Banjo and Viva Pinata both for varying reasons

Viva Pinata fits now. It fits in todays’ gaming world in a way it didn’t back then. As a cross platform, maybe even free to play game.

Banjo obviously because there seems to be a resurgence in 90s 3D platformers and Banjo is arguably the biggest name outside Mario and Sonic.


Frontier. Microsoft worked with them already on Zoo Tycoon, and they just made Planet Zoo on their own.

If I could choose only one, it would be ShadowRun. Loved the SNES game back in the day and was always hoping that the recent PC game was going to be ported to consoles but never was. If Microsoft owns the rights to the IP, I don’t know why they wouldn’t pay Harebrained Schemes to port it over as a collection with their three expansions included to Xbox Series X/S. If not that one, then I new ShadowRun game like this recent PC release or like the SNES release.

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