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Great news for Spurs though with Gareth Bale returning :soccer:

Yeah I’m just hoping he can stay fit enough to score a goal!

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Manchester United fan here and…well…yeah…


Praise the Son!!

first of all, what the hell is soccer? :smirk:

Nice win today for the mighty reds but the game was a bit boring. Thiago looks class

Pirlo’s new Juventus looking good. The new players seem to be fitting well, and the team is certainly more organized and hungry than this time last season with Sarri. Promising start this 3-0.

They are definitely more exciting than last season. However, since I don’t have a horse in the Serie A, I wanna see someone else win it for a change

I still believe Inter’s got good chances of pulling it off. Conte is amazing at extracting maximum performance for a few years, and their line-up is improving drastically. But from what little we could see, Juventus is looking a lot better than last year as well.

Can’t believe this West Ham game is going on despite some of the players have tested positive for Covid-19 just before the game! Insane!

Seriously?? That’s ridiculous

What is with the exodus of players from Barcelona :thinking: Rakitic to Sevilla, Vidal to Inter Milan, Semedo to Wolves, Suarez to Atletico Madrid, Messi…

As far as I know, Barca has been told by the Spanish body that funds them that they won’t be bankrolled this season and any player Koeman wants to buy has to be paid for by raising funds through player sales. Koeman wants to buy Wijnaldum and Depay for now but I don’t think that’s happening this window

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I just hope they can still put up a challenge and not allow Real Madrid to runaway with it. Interestingly the one player Barcelona have signed in Miralem Pjanić is a self confessed Real Madrid fan since he was a boy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

well atleti just got Suarez from Barca so they’re looking stronger

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I was reading about how Villarreal could be one of the sides to look out for this season. They now have former Arsenal and PSG manager Unai Emery in charge.

Super Cup final tonight. Shameful by the fascist Hungarian government and the UEFA alike to look at the record case numbers in Hungary and think there’s nothing wrong with having 20k folks in the stadium at the same time, meanwhile countries with less cases still play without crowd or a few thousands tops.

Takes a lot of fascination away from today’s match. Seems like various folks involved (players, press, etc.) are not too excited about having to attend in such conditions.

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15,180 fans watched as Bayern Munich beat Sevilla 2-1 :mask:

It was a fun match for a neutral viewer like me. But seeing that many people on the stands, many of them with no masks and hugging each other is worrying. Hungary is doing poorly with the virus and while in theory all folks coming back to Germany and Spain need to quarantine, it would have been much better not putting them in the stadium in the first place.

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Still not recovered ftom that penalty decision yesterday, we should of won anyway but the new rules are a joke. Watch it happen in a world cup final :exploding_head: