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Hi guys,

I saw the football thread and wondered how many soccer (real football) fans are here and if you’d like to have a thread for it.

I am a Liverpool FC supporter and have been since I was a kid. The match with Leeds this week was amazing and it great to see Mo back firing on most of his cylinders.

In terms of other leagues, the stand-out has been PSG for me because I haven’t this bad of a start of a season for them in ages, if ever.

My preliminary predictions for the leagues this year: image

Premier League: Liverpool

I think Pep still hasn’t addressed his backline and the other teams need more time to gel well.


Ligue 1: Monaco

Seeing Niko Kovac back to managing is a delight in itself


Serie A: Inter

Pirlo probably needs time to build and Conte has his team playing well with each other


La Liga: Atletico

Drama at Barca and I don’t think Zizou can do a double


Bundesliga: Bayern

No surprises here tbh. Kai Havertz and Timo Werner got poached from rivals. They might lose Thiago to us but they have depth

Looking forward to other fellow fans.



Been wondering when a football thread was gonna be made lol. Very much looking forward to this season as a fellow Liverpool fan. I used to watch more football from other leagues but not so much now. Interested to see how the other leagues pan out though. I have a soft spot for Borussia Dortmund so I’m keeping an eye on them

The Leeds game was fantastic but our back line concerned really concerned me. Was all over the place and TAA was nonexistent. Happy for Salah though and the build up play was almost there

Excited to see if we can retain the title and hopefully add some more silverware.


So good to have the footie back


Yeah man, Trent, Gomez and VVD all had a weird day. Understandably Mo had penalties but it’s so good to have his confidence back. I really hope the Thiago deal goes through. I feel like Chelsea and Everton will the PL teams to watch this season.


wow so many Liverpool fans think I will stay away from this thread as my team is on the other side of the park (Everton) lol


Hey, finally a thread for real football!

I am Brazilian, so I support a Brazilian team: Santos FC.

Brazilian football is kind of a mess, though. It’s a bunch of clubs ran by amateurs.

Last year we managed to finish second in the league while we were managed by Sampaoli. We played some great football, but spent too much money and we are now prohibited to sign anyone because of a debt with Hamburg. So, as always, we are betting on some homegrown players to help us. There is no one who nearly ressembles Robinho, Neymar or even Rodrygo, though.

It is common for Brazilians to also support an European team. I am a Liverpool fan since around 2008, and I am probably one of the only in my age to support them. Most are Real Madrid or Barcelona fans, and Liverpool were not exactly one of the best teams to support in the last decade :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Here is a picture of last year’s last match when we beat Flamengo 4-0. Flamengo would then travel to the Club World Cup to be beaten by Liverpool in the finals.


It’s football. Not soccer :wink:

I support a smaller Dutch side, sc Heerenveen. I love that club, but it’s gonna be a tough season.



I’m a Spurs fan, grew up in an tower block overlooking White Hart Lane but haven’t lived in London now for years.

It’s not a good time being a Spurs fan, absolutely hate Mourinho so hoping he leaves sometime this season!

Be interesting if Bale comes back as him and Kane could be pretty good, but then again Mourinho’s tactics so…

Not liking Mourinho - that’s something we can agree on! (coming from an Arsenal fan :stuck_out_tongue:)

Chelsea fan here. My dad is a Liverpool fan. I don’t watch many games although I do follow results and news on internet.

Just coming here to post, remember when Leicester won the premier league? Wasn’t that the best thing ever, thank you for the money :smiley:

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I always think of Jon Dahl Tomasson anytime Heerenveen are mentioned :soccer: Must be the nostalgia for football during the 90’s!

Georgios Samaras is another that got his big break at the club.

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Man, anyone ever heard of a league called League 1 in England? It’s full of plumbers and fat blokes. Well, as a Sunderland fan we’re now spending our 3rd season in those god foresaken league and I hate it.

I’m in for Juventus’ 10th title in a row. Boring? Not for me :stuck_out_tongue: Pirlo is one of my all-time favourite players and I’d be so delighted if he managed to do well with Juventus as coach.

As a Spurs fan, no it was shite.

Lol. All jokes aside, if it couldn’t be us then yeah Leicester was great, once in a lifetime type of thing (Blackburn don’t count imo).

Seperately - Bale is coming back! :star_struck:

Ruud van Nistelrooy is another one :wink:

Klaas Jan Huntelaar too.

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Since you got relegated to the League 1 I’ve been playing with Sunderland in my FIFA Career Modes :stuck_out_tongue:

Get in the van!

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man I always wanted to ask a Sunderland fan how they found that Netflix documentary. Must’ve been pain

Man, this shows the intent Liverpool has. I don’t remember the last time we went for such a recognized high profile player

Jammy arsenal gits.