Ori and the Will of the Wisps announced for Nintendo Switch

I can well image that they had plans to release Gamepass on Playstation. Nintendo is not a direct competitor and they already released the first one.

But it does not fit with the message from Phil Spencer. Didn’t he said something they stopped doing it because its confusing customers ?

They can leave the console business like Sega. Putting first party games on other platforms will devalue the brand.

i guess we’ll just wait and see if that happens then , it’s basically been just about to happen since 2015 and concerns about bringing their games to pc if this is an issue .

Yes he said that but here we are.

It’s not confusing as long as it makes money. /s

I think Ori is the perfect low risk game to bring to Switch. MS and Nintendo are not competitors in many ways and they tend to position themselves as compliments. Nintendo was on board with crossplay for example.

Xbox brings smaller games like Ori over, Nintendo puts Banjo in Smash and MS gets all the merchandise revenue. The Switch cannot run many Xbox games but those they can fit well. They also allow Xbox Live integration which looks good on MS spreadsheets and increases brand value.

I don’t have an issue with this for the simple reason that Moon have worked on an XSX version of the game for launch (as far as I know). This could have been part of that deal but regardless they are giving something back.

I did have a problem with Minecraft PSVR as they haven’t done a thing (as far as I know) and I never agreed with even making Dungeons multiplatform.

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It’s weird bc Phil said on Unlocked back on April that didn’t like the idea/speculation of Xbox games coming (or not coming) to the Switch

I guess Moon REALLY wants to be a multiplat studio

Maybe that’s why Microsoft didn’t continue to work with them.

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Is a physical version available???

I think he was saying they didn’t like the expectation that they would with every title or titles similar to Ori, etc. I could be wrong, but that’s how I remember it.

Edit: I guess it means the same thing in some cases. :smile:

this is what i recall too. which never read to me as they’d never do it again , just that it would be clear what kind of games would be coming , think minecraft dungeons , ori, maybe ports of older games in series .

Moon Studios deserves all the success they can get! This game is a masterpiece! I have played it on Game Pass, but I’m happy that more console gamers on Switch can get to enjoy this beautiful game on the go :grinning:

Loved the game, with the exception of the chase sequences.

Surprised this game is hitting Switch so early. I am happy for these customers. Will say though that I’ve hoped this goodwill from Microsoft would at some point translate into Nintendo allowing Rare to integrate Goldeneye and Donkey Kong Country / DK 64 titles into Rare Replay. But Nintendo is playing a different game.

Rare Replay needs to come to PC (and its game pass) tbh, would be perfect to go through the “golden age of Rare”, even though Everwild is hype asf for me lol. Also mainly leading up to Initiative’s game reveal :wink:

I think Moon Studios deserves this. They’ve given Microsoft a valuable IP and two very high quality games. Bringing games to the Switch gives Microsoft some goodwill, while also keeping them one of the bigger Switch publishers funnily enough.

The moment we see Halo or Forza on Switch, that’s when we should panic. :wink:

I think we’ll only be able to play Rare Replay via xCloud on PC. Sadly there don’t seem to be any Xbox360 titles on xCloud at the moment. And the Windows 10 client for xCloud is nowhere to be seen yet too.

It’ll happen. Some day.


Boy am I tempted to get that collectors edition, but apparently both games will be sold physically without all that extra stuff by the end of the year, so I’ll just wait for that.

Amazing game and I’m super happy Switch owners get to play it. Can’t wait to finish it on Series X.

I wonder what Microsofts philosophy is regarding releasing there games on switch?

They have said that not all games will come to switch, but I wonder what qualifies a game to come to switch and what does not?