Ori and the Will of the Wisps announced for Nintendo Switch


Oh look: A game is being released on another platform, but it doesn’t it affect me negatively in any way :wink:. I am glad more people will be able to enjoy this special game :+1:.


Cool! Good news plus it fits the switch really well!

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  • Premium “Transforming” Display Box with Glow-in-the-Dark Finish
  • Majestic Stained Glass style Art Piece
  • “The Flora & Fauna of Ori” Field Guide
  • Sketchbook Zine, featuring rarely seen production art
  • Collectible Art Card Set
  • Hard Enamel, Glow-in-the-Dark Pin
  • Digital Download Cards for Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps soundtracks by composer Gareth Coker
  • Physical Editions of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Ori and the Blind Forest, featuring Exclusive, Reversible Cover Art (Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility)



Might have to get this for my wife, she loves Ori and she produces zines for her career so she’ll no doubt love this.


Yeah, that is how I am playing this one. So much for waiting for Next Generation - the original was FLAWLESS on the Switch. No brainer

That collectors edition is beautiful

Free money for Microsoft with this game tbh.

Genuinely loved this game so much on the Xbox, very curious about the switch performance.

Might double dip, wonder if it has achievement support like blind forest :slight_smile:

Switch only owners, are in for a treat!

900p/60fps docked

720p/60fps undocked




Happy for switch owners getting to play this gem of a game. Also cool to see Xbox continuing to publish some of their games on switch as well.


Such a shame the X1X version was so held back by the existence of a Switch version…/s


love playing this game on the xbox one x

Personal GOTY, can’t wait to see what their next project shall be like, an action RPG is hype enough for me! PS The box art looks fucking gorgeous wow

Ori 2 is such an amazing game in all aspects, one of the gen’s finest games IMO.

So happy to see the game on the Switch. more people enjoying this beauty of a game can only be a good thing. Also that CE looks so good. :open_mouth:

I really don’t understand why did this?


Then they should do it with other games as well. For example Forza Horizon will sell millions if they put it on Playstation.

i mean they would more than willingly do that if sony would let them , nintendo is the one who is letting them release games on the platform with xbox live sign in .