Omno - Reviews and impressions

Omno is coming out today, multiplatform but day 1 on Game Pass. It’s made by 1 person. 2 reviews are currently out on Xbox:

It’a looking good so far, definitely planning on playing this game between The Ascent and Halo sessions.


Looks good, I’ll definitely be checking this out as soon as I’m done with Last Stop.

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Yeah, it’s pretty busy right now! This week-end I’ll try to juggle between Halo MP, The Ascent and Omno…

This is a lovely game. Played through the first couple of zones last night, up until the surfing was introduced. Loved every minute. Just a chill, relaxing, fun experience.

It looks, sounds & feels wonderful to play. Quite an incredible achievement for one man.


You forgot one important review :wink:


I read on Reddit that you have to disable Vsync. Do this and the odd out of the blue performance issues don’t happen apparently. Because sadly I get them a lot now.


I’m enjoying it, but performance is an issue.

By default it’s 30fps, which is a chug. You can disable v-synch and then it is 60fps sometimes but in reality it’s all over the place and quite choppy.

I find v-synch off just preferable as it is smooth at least sometimes, but I do find it disappointing that a game with a graphical style this simple can’t lock down 60fps.

Still, it’s a one man team game from what I have read so I guess I can be forgiving. It’s definitely worth playing all the same, so far at least.


This looks cool. I will definitely be checking it out.

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@Staffy and @Stefrah what display are you using, is it a 4K set?

I was playing this a little bit yesterday night between the Insider (Pending) checks, and didn’t notice performance chugging too much. I did notice it maybe two times total but it cleared up after a few seconds. I’m now on the Sag’Ya valley chapter. I’m only using a 1080p Plasma TV. So I wonder if maybe that was helping it somewhat too.

I do wish it performed better, but with only 1 person team it’s where I expect it to be with using UE4. It takes a lot of nitty gritty rewrite of UnrealEngine to perform well on large open areas.

I’m on a 4k set, yeah. The level I am currently on (Unkh-Tuur Dessert) actually seems very smooth and 60fps for the most part. I think it just depends on how dense the level is.

I agree though, I’m willing to forgive as it’s a one-man effort, and it’s also not a game that calls for razor-sharp reactions, so it’s more of a visual thing than actually interfering with gameplay.

It is a very chilled out and enjoyable little game.

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Yep, 4K TV.

I read on Reddit people having issues too. But I’m gonna try disabling Vsync and see how that goes. It’s just so strange how it isn’t just standard frame drops as we all know of other games, it’s a complete transition from 60 to 30fps it feels like.

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Just finished it, pretty decent overall. I think it was a mistake to save the more engaging platforming mechanics until the last quarter of the game. I can see many people dropping it before reaching that point in which it actually becomes quite fun.


I beat the game yesterday and got all 21 achievements, I really enjoyed the art direction and the powers you get as you progress thru the game, it helped the game from going stale for me.

Overall I give the game a solid 7


Really good experience I had with this game. Beat it 100% with all achievements. Really charming and relaxing. It made me think about Journey.


Just started the game tonight, after finishing Last Stop. (which I also enjoyed!) Did the first two areas.

Journey is a top 10 of all time game for me, so I’m hoping I’ll have a good time with Omno.

Shame about the performance, though. I’m on Series X, and it’s just not stable, with Vsync on OR off. Oh well.

edit - it also doesn’t support Quick Resume for me. Is it just me that’s having that issue?

Nope. It doesn’t support QR.

Really enjoyed this one, maybe my old eyes can’t notice the frame drops because it all looked fine to me.

Only slight nag would be that the camera angle on the flying / floaty bits can make finding your direction a bit tricky. Its a tiny gripe in what was otherwise a really good game.

For anyone going for the 100% achievement, this has to be done as part of an overall playthrough and cannot be done via chapter select.


Had a lot of fun with this one for most of the time - nice artstyle, good mix of puzzles, exploration and platforming. Also didn’t overstay its welcome. But for the love of god, fix the performance. This should not be all over the place in a platforming game.

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Agree with all of that.

I’d go as far as to say that if it ran at a smooth 60fps I would have bought this as I am sure I’d enjoy coming back to it again if it ran as it should. That juddery choppiness though, I don’t think I could sit through a second time.

Was a highly enjoyable game though, design-wise.

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All smooth and lovely for me running with v sync off with I guess my G1 picking up the slack with VRR.

Great little game some sections made a bit tricky due to the camera being a bit off sometimes but nothing that out stayed it’s welcome.

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