Official PlayStation 5 Showcase Livestream & Aftermath

Welcome all to the Official PlayStation 5 Showcase Livestream

“Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!). Our next digital showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners.”

Do you think we’ll get the price and release date?

You can post your wishes and fears, what you expect what you don’t want etc

Feel free to discuss what you thought about the show, enjoy!


  • Price
  • UI sneak peek
  • Uncharted 5 tease
  • God of War “2” tease
  • Miles Morales gameplay with release date
  • Final Fantasy 16 - 1 year timed exclusive on PS5
  • Starfield - 1 year timed exclusive on PS5

I’m sorry where is this starfield thing coming from all of a sudden lol, everyone is mentioning it but I have seen zero sources for it even being shown this year, unless of course you got a tip from insiders. :thinking:

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Except Starfield I agree cause I remember Pete Hines saying it’s still far away.

“The only thing that I can tell you is that when we finally get around it, when we finally get around to talk what it’s up to, I think you will be impressed,” he said. “I think you will be excited. I think you will say ‘that looks like it’s worth the wait.'” “But we’ll see,” he added. “It’s gonna be a while til we get there.”

I expect Rockstar updates on GTA V & RDR 2 also

Nothing could come out of this event, and disappoint me more, than this. Undeniably, it would be a strong move, though.

I would add

  • Call of duty 1 year exclusive mode
  • GTA/RDR next gen announcement exclusive feature
  • Street fighter reveal
  • Something Atlus related
  • Silent hill
  • New Kojima game
  • Babylon’s Fall
  • Maybe even the new Kingdom Hearts (after the music one)

Some wild guesses but play has not limits :popcorn_parrot:

A little gift



I truly hope this Starfield shit is based on nothing, let it just be baseless speculation. If I’m honest I don’t look forward to the show because of all these timed exclusive nonsense rumors. Used to be a time where I would look forward, knowing there would he third party titles and at worst some small kind of DLC item would be exclusive. Now I go in with the thought that this here title could be exclusive for a year or so. Miss me so goddamned much with that.

If Sony so badly wants games, acquire some of the smaller/medium ones like MS has been doing and build from there.

Yeah I don’t really get it either. I haven’t seen Shinobi, Dusk Golem, Matt or Zhuge mention this at all.

Man you seem haunted by Starfield lol

Don’t worry we’ll get through it plus Starfield is nowhere near ready to release. Plus we don’t know if it is true and how long. In the meantime we’ll have plenty of games to get busy and forgot about that.

I think we can rest easy for now.

BGS still is among my favorite studios. When they announce a proper single-player RPG they have me. It’s just something special for me ever since Oblivion. And I happen to highly prefer Xbox overall. :slight_smile:

But seeing ShPeshal Ed predicting that scares me a little.


399$ for both consoles, because that price point worked so well for ps4, pre-order starting today to be ahead of Xbox pre-orders. Release Nov 10. That’s what I would do if I were Sony

Why the same price for both? How would you differentiate it if not bu price?

Will say my predictions here again:

  • November 20th Release Date, 449 DE, 499 Physical
  • A look at how buying 30 new accessories will enhance your Playstation Experience.
  • Demon’s Souls March/Q1 2021
  • Ratchet May/Q2 2021
  • UI Stuff, very likely shareable save states , the dynamic Main Menu stuff and possibly an AI Assistant.
  • FF16 reveal
  • RE8 VR announcement
  • More timed exclusive indies and AA (likely mostly japanese)
  • Another “Lost Legacy” type title in a Sony IP.
  • One more thing please be excited teaser of The Next God of War.

I don’t want disc users feel they are getting punished for wanting a disc version. It’s just an option for digital only gamers

Pricing will be interesting for sure. While it seems that I should expect Sony to go for a $399 PS5DE, I just don’t think that makes sense for them business wise to leave that much money on the table during the first part of the launch window when something like a $449 PS5DE would still have the same end result of them selling out. They can always drop it to $399 next year if they feel it is necessary. That $399 price still doesn’t get them the magic consumer $299 price anyway. I also don’t think it makes any sense at all for them to price the disc edition within $50 if they are really wanting to push digital for the increased revenue, so I have to think that the disc version is at least $80 more for that reason.

Expected money hats for timed exclusives honestly just makes me hold off longer for a couple years to get a disc PS5 to play some select exclusives as I did during this generation, as I just really hate that Sony is playing things that way as the industry leader when they could just have their first party investment do their talking as everyone likes to talk about anyway. This isn’t giving their consumers content; it is just gating others from the content which is money that could have been spent on further first party investment is how I look at it.

You’re too kind lol but one model would seem useless then


That would be bad for Xbox, this would be considered a " 1 up" for sure, like in 2013. 100 bucks less than XSX? I doubt that very much, and for both? That would be odd. It would also mean that MS may had done wiser to have waited with announcing prices. We’ll see how it all unfolds.


There is zero way that would make any sense to price them both the same at that price point, as they would almost certainly be losing huge amounts of money on both of them and would not be achieving the push toward the digital option that they would likely want to help some with the large amounts of money being lost on the hardware.

I’am still on the fence if the price reflects the premium brand they present for ps5 marketing. With 10mio devices in the launch period, aligns for me the number of “nomatter the price” PS Fans (looking at the sales for the first party titles). However i wouldn’t put it past that sony goes for keeping market dominance and price heavily aggressive and goes even further with exclusives deals. Because they will also know most xbox AAA output is > 2021. So make the statements now, i can imagine seeing some stuff that will set new benchmarks for visuals and gameplay mechanics. Because Sony studios always work early on impressive vertical slices and top that off with aggressive pricing atleast for the digital ps5 and we have spicy weeks ahead.

Even that’s still potentially not for me because i’am not that fan of third person action adventure games. I’am still looking forward to the event no matter what.

The more agressive they get the better MS wil try to be too. So it is good in the end.

Demon’s Souls I know I will get it 100% down the line later. Now I need to see Santa Monica teaser I hope and ND new game if possible. But yeah they need to really diversify more cause their outpout this gen was a bit too samey.