Xbox Game Studios |OT| it me you’re looking for?

Don’t forget the optimisations as well. It’s insane value.

Come on guys, Starfield again? Unless you know something there’s no way this happens today. BGS with a full one year timed exclusive? Nah.

And Greenberg will say the third parties will play best on Xbox.

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Rand talked about it in his newest video and I would believe some of his prediction are based on educated guesses or insider information. When there’s smoke there’s fire.

Ya i watched it and if it is true Phil needs to start being more aggressive to get big third party timed games

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Fml if that turns out to be true. :frowning:

Copy that, will do!

:+1: Sorry for the off topic. We’re done! You’re right, back to XGS now.

Anyway good news about the storage for those who didn’t know we can hotswap the expansion cards, plug & play.

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This feature and quick resume are good QoL improvements. But I don’t trust the Xbox achievement system to correctly work with itt. Some games have achievement problems if you change your Xbox into the stand-by mode. I hate the Xbox one achievement tracking system so much.

Good news for Xbox fans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At 9am you can pre-order the XSS and XSX. And by the looks of it at every major store.


I think and hope all will be fine

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Maxi from the Xbox team also confirmed with me that only one unit per person can be ordered. I know some families might have more than one gamer, but given the past launches where we had people reselling so many consoles online for profit, I think this is a very good move! You can still try to go for one at amazon and the Microsoft Store each, too.

You can get one X and one S tho, right?.

I think so since there are different units.

Some XSX gameplay?

I watched the Wukong trailer again, so damn good. Xbox is still on the hunt for a Asian studio, right? We also know this studio isn’t that large and since that trailer they have had tons of resumes sent their way. I really hope Phil takes a look at this.

Either try to get them to join XGS or at least just make sure Xbox won’t be left out with this title. This game is looking so good and the devs want it to look even better the next time they show it, they said.


Impressive from 30 people. I watch closely to the indie scene because these higher fidelity type of games will be much more common next generation I think. Small teams utilizing engines with features formerly not available for them. And much more efficient pipelines.

That’s why I hope Microsoft keeps investing in game stack to get to these type of games early on. Provide the tools and in the end also provide a nice transition to publishing over gamepass with a high expose rate with Xbox and pc.

I also played the playtest for scavengers from the tiny team of former 343 devs pretty cool.

can’t wait

the novel is incredible if you like hard sci-fi

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So uh, when do we get the final info from MS? I mean preorders go up next week and we don’t have an official launch list.