NXgamer: AC Valhalla next Gen comparison (1440p version is now up!)

Going to be interesting, I think its going to be very close.

1440p version

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Video is up! Just a brief analysis showing both at 60fps (XSX locked) and dynamic res on both. Wish showed like for like scenes to show what res each is doing for specific scenes and such

Also first optimized game and load times are nearly identical 11vs12 secs. That velocity arc is doing amazing work


Its not a good analysis, he waffles on far to much, it seems rushed. He does not even give an average resolution, when comparing dynamic resolution the most important factor is what resolution does the game render in at the majority of the time. NX gamer seems a bit out of his depth here, however nice to see a loading and framerate comparison.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he rushed the video to be “first”. It’s a big motivator.


I find NXgamer to be a little playstation bias to. He’s had a series X but all his next gen coverage has need about the ps5


Agreed. Honestly, his content just isn’t on the same level as DF. They never rush their content, getting it right comes first, so I’ll wait for their verdict.

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He doesn’t give peak and bottom resolution? Then What kind of analysis is this? If it is the case, then i don’t think watching his video has any point.


He kind of does say the series X hits 1440p once or twice which is lower than the PS5 and he gives the normal ranges but doesn’t discuss averages. He claims both are not only dynamic but checkerboard reconstructions.

So now ubisoft was just kidding around? They were specifically mentioning dynamic and native. What the hell.

Edit: watched the video. Looks like he is just assuming that there is reconstruction used in the game. Doesn’t show any evidence of it.

As usual, wait for DF🤷


This seems like a very early analysis and quite rushed. Saying that both consoles are extremely close. Xbox doesn’t seem to be showing a power advantage if you go by this video and sonys ssd that we’ve heard nothing but being twice as fast for the last 9 months is not showing this in real world application at all.

It seems both sides are not displaying their advantages 3 days into the generation lol :laughing:

NXG has been somewhat less than objective for some time now, I don’t give clicks preferring to save them them for DF who we know do a fair analysis.

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We already know from PC benchmarks that there is absolutely zero chance of the series X running this at 4K native at 60FPS. Never believe Ubisoft PR about technical stuff we’ve known for years that they won’t be accurate.

As for the analysis, well I would be mildly surprised if the Xbox version was reconstructed but we will see.

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Tom Warren said it wasn’t native on XSX as well. Wish Ubi PR was just upfront about it then.

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Yea not going to bother, NXGamer is only propped up cause he skews PlayStation and is tossed around as an alternative to DF by pissed off Sony Fanboys.

In a vacuum his videos are just Sony propaganda.


Don’t care about NXgamer at all but generally I am really starting to regret choosing the XSX. Everything seems so underwhelming, from the non native 4k gears 5, to the not so good FH4 upgrades to the very mediocre performance on multiplatfom games. The ps5 is performing as expected in mutliplatform game (which means ok-ish, nothing special) it is the XSX that is underperforming (with its theoretical specs I expected MUCH better).

I’m not sure gears 5 is a case against SX the performance there is really good if you look at pc benchmarks.

But in general yeah, it seems the devkit coming hot has affected the initial games quite a bit. Though I guess it’s good that it’s at least a match for ps5 including in loading times despite the devkits issues (as opposed to xbone which was basically a 720p machine at launch)

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I think this will be the generation where ML will have more and more importance, and as such, native resolution won’t be as important as before. It could even be an hindrance for performance and visual effects, that ML can help alleviating.

What? The dev kits were late and API not final hence why ray tracing was supposedly absent at launch until the last few weeks. This was widely known and discussed. Yet even with that the Series X launch titles are performing on par with the PS5 ones. And we know the PS5 tools are ahead.

I completely disagree with your analysis. The machine is flexing its muscles but isn’t even unleashed yet.


So MS released a console with no big exclusives AND late dev kits (which resulted to underwhelming performance in launch mutliplatform games) ? So , as an XSX owner, what should I do, praise them ?

Because they’ve got the full RDNA2 feature set it meant waiting longer. How are you suffering? You are getting all the next gen features at launch and solid performance. It’s miles ahead of the Xbox one launch.