No price till we are "Weeks away" from release

Dark times…


It gives me a big chuckle everytime I think about it, like damn dude did you really just say that. I think it comes from being defensive/reactive because of how Xbox was being viewed at the time. Reminds me of the same thing with the poor guy at blizcon asking the ground if they have phones lol.

I think so too given that production started a month or two earlier than the PS5; which is really weird considering that the XSX was always going to be a 2020 release and PS5’s apparently was originally aiming for 2019 (rumors, and lack of RDNA2 feature-set definitely add credence).

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I know right? I remember first hearing that and thinking… Well thats lost some customers xD

It will be interesting to watch this month unfold. I think Sony and MS are prepared to go into October before opening up pre-orders. However, I’m not sure if MS can wait that long to reveal the Series S

Your turn Sony. MS won’t budge till you do.

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You forget that it was actually a holy trinity. Terry Myerson, this dude and Phil Harrison, who now send Stadia straight to the shadow realm.


The logical conclusion to this waiting game is the consoles are just delayed indefinitely until either Sony or Microsoft announce a price and date. The Series X and PS5 launching in 2025!!

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I’m not too concerned. Nintendo didn’t announce price until 70 days before the Switch launch, and that was pre COVID-19. Even though it was frustrating to wait, you could still preorder a unit online relatively easily once the price was announced.

With everything going on with the pandemic, and considering the PlayStation 5 has a significant jump start on consumer interest (well earned, in my opinion), I think it’s smart for Microsoft to hang back and wait a bit longer to announce price. Phil Spencer has stated multiple times that Microsoft will be agile in pricing for the Series X, so it stands to reason that he will wait till the right time to announce what he believes will be the right price at launch. These pricing battles can be tricky, especially in 2020, as I’m sure neither Sony nor Microsoft want to sell their devices at a price that is unfair to the market. Be patient, pricing and preorders will play out relatively quickly. They have to, if only to allow their retail partners enough time to get ready for the next-gen launches in November.

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It would be nice to know the price but I honestly don’t see the need to know much in advance.

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I’m never one to promote violence but Mattrick has always had one of the most punchable faces IMO. Thought he was a joke at EA, hated it when he joined MS, and still wish he never bothered with this industry.

I completely agree but that’s part of the problem. It makes no sense to announce the Series S until they reveal the price. So we won’t see the official reveal, despite it being the industry’s worst kept secret since Fable, until they are ready to reveal the price.

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How much ya wanna be that MS launches XSX + GPU for no money down at major retailers? :smiley:

yeah I could do that if Xbox All Access is a better deal and actually happens.

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They’ve already said it is happening for XSX. :wink:

Nvidia just revealed the Ampere series and price only just over 2 weeks away from their launch.

I can see this going right down to the wire in some respects, but the series ‘s’ may necessitate an earlier reveal on price.



Yup. It’s obvious why Xbox is waiting, because they don’t want to be stabbed in the back again. What’s Sony’s excuse? You’d think the supposed market leader would, idk, lead?


Plus we didn’t see a real PS5 only 3D renders neither the back of the console.

Yeah, we won’t get an Xbox Series event until Sony announces the price for PS5.

Fine by me, I likely won’t be getting either console at launch and will probably spend 2021 on my backlog.