No price till we are "Weeks away" from release

Greetings everyone I hope you are all healthy and safe.

I am growing concerned with the pricing and pre-orders for the Series X/S.

I have started to hear/see things on Twitter etc about us not getting a price till we are mere weeks away from release! (Late October/Early November)

I think it is crazy we could be going yet another month with no Price or Pre-order info!

Thoughts? would really like to hear some opinions on this and if you agree with us getting the price etc so close to release.

For me this is kinda funny by now. I mean, I’m getting one no matter the price, so I do not really care. But this game of chicken is hilarious to me. Like kids in Kindergarden.


Launch is for the hardcore fans anyway, those already know they’re on board at 399, 449, 499, 549 alike. Due to a variety of factors (COVID-19 mainly), it seems that there will also be limited numbers of consoles out at first, so they can be sitting on the price as long as they like probably, chances are they’ll sell out their first loads very quickly anyway.

But yeah, it would be nice to finally know whether they break the 500 mark or not.


Microsoft and Sony are being very pro consumer by releasing the new consoles for free. They really are our friends!

Real talk, they’re both going to be around the $500+ range. Which sucks because with the lower unemployment benefits I am getting, I can’t get an XSX day 1.

All the more reason I want to get a pre-order in.

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Yup. I hope they don’t do the lottery like PS5. I want a Series X at launch, no matter the price (well, within reasonable numbers). If the pre-orders go live, I want to be able to get one.


Yeah those PS5 Pre-orders are strange… But I do believe Xbox are more prepared when it comes to stock compared to Sony this time around.

My guess is £500-£550 but I just want a solid price.

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I know right these massive companies love us! :wink:

My guess is $550 personally and the Series S being $299

Sorry to hear that man Hope things brighten up for you!

sterling raised a good point. they are getting you to submit your psn so they can pre approve you based on your play history, whats the bet the ellie avatars all get approved for the frist wave to keep positive social media buzz about playstation when the teardowns and comparison vids happen?

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This made me laugh ngl but its true xD

“I’ve been shilling my whole life, don’t tell me it is worth nothing!” I kid, I kid… But honestly, Sony is strong when it comes to social media, way stronger than MS, and they know what they are doing there.

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I don’t think MS wants to be caught off guard like they were when they launched Xbox One, especially on price. They’ll wait as long as it takes for Sony to announce their price.

Unlike Sony, they can’t afford to get the price wrong as they aren’t market leaders.


I completely don’t understand. Every previous generation but more recently the xbox one had pre orders go live months and months and months before release. What is the issue!! I’m also tired of hearing about Covid. If Covid was such a issue and hindered the launch so bad JUST DELAY the consoles, everything is getting delayed anyway.

I just cant imagine them pricing these consoles $500+ and then giving consumers weeks to prepare. Some people don’t even have jobs and the unemployment numbers aren’t what they used to be so don’t give me the “people should’ve been saving” some people have been living off that money. I don’t wanna hear that your priorities are out of whack either if one is wanting to get the new consoles but don’t have the money. If preorders went live months ago people would be better off.

Sorry for the rant I’m just getting super tired of this. This has possibly been the worse build up to a new console generation in recent memory. At least imo I’ve never seen such nonsense.

I think the assumption is if you’re planning on pre-ordering, you already know it’s going to be expensive.

I agree it’s ridiculous that we still don’t know the prices by now.

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If we don’t know the price and date by the end of this month, I’ll be shocked.

MS were burnt so badly by Sony undercutting them in the XB1 vs PS4 gen, I think they’ll do anything to avoid that. Sony is playing the same game, so at this point, price announcement a few weeks before release is entirely possible. I hope this is not the case, it’s beyond frustrating. But Apple does it without an issue, so who knows.


It’s weird yes, but if I look at other consumer electronics this is just common practice. Most hardware is even announced just a few weeks from launch. Why did they even release all that info so early in the past generations to begin with? Maybe to get a better estimate of the preorder numbers? Maybe that’s not needed anymore?

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For those who can’t afford the Xbox Series X, we have a product for you it’s called the Xbox Series S.




And I always bring it back to this, if Microsoft is trying to one up Sony with the Series S price reveal then what is the point of waiting for them to announce first? They don’t have a console that can beat the rumored price PERIOD unless Series S isn’t releasing this year?

but we’re talking about consoles which traditionally don’t do what’s happening right now.This is by far the weirdest console lunch I’ve ever experienced.