No More Heroes 3 is Coming to Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S This Fall

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In surprise news today, we learn that No More Heroes 3 will be arriving on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this fall. It was originally believed that after conversations with Goichi “Suda51” Suda across various interviews that the game was never considered to come to consoles beyond Nintendo Switch. Those plans have now changed after publisher Xseed Games announced that the game will arrive on Xbox consoles, Playstation4|5 and Windows PC later this year.

Our favorite otaku assassin returns! Travis Touchdown has been forced out of retirement to defend not only Santa Destroy, but Earth itself! Bring on the beam katana and take on Travis' toughest challenge yet in #NoMoreHeroes3, coming this fall to PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC!^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1515012120588476417|twgr^|twcon^s1_&


I played no more heroes 1 and 2, this is 100% a W for xbox


Not normally my kind of game but I think I’d give this one a go. Heard great things about them


Yoooo I’m pumped for this! @KageMaru You should try this series!


Hopefully 1 and 2 are on the way too. There is also Travis Strikes Again as well which has already been ported from Switch to PS/PC so this one in particular would need MS to take the initiative I think.


Hopefully we see 1/2/TSA as well!

Guess that’s one less game to worry about buying on Switch.:grin:


Travis Strikes again was boring as shit in my opinion, I can 100% recommended the 1st 2 games but strikes back I wouldn’t (it may just not be for me though, I have heard primarly mixed stuff about strikes back in general though so its a “you love it or hate it” kind of game if I had to guess)

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My thoughts on Travis Strikes Again copypasted from another thread:

There’s another NMH game that should come to Xbox too and that is NMH Travis Strikes Again. This one already came to PS and PC (and bombed on both) so I think it’s unlikely though but the game sets up NMH3.

The game is also not exactly great but there is extreme passion put into it. The game’s story actually feels like you sat at a bar with Suda and he’s telling you his life’s story as a game dev. It is super personal.

For example there’s a level in the game that’s just straight up a sequel to Shadows of the Damned and the story here basically indirectly is about how EA screwed over that game so much (actually the villain in Travis Strikes Again is based off of an EA executive.)

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I don’t like the game but this is actually hilarious. Suda always does amazingly with the humour in the no more heroes games

I remember not loving the first one when I played it on the… Wii? a hundred years ago. Might pick this up to support JP stuff on Xbox though.

it was Wii exclusive for a long time, it was eventually brought to the PS3 but their was a lot of technical problems, I believe the sequel was only on one the wii too but in general for a long time

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I won’t lie I actually felt very touched by that part of the game because despite everything that happened that level showed that Suda has a place in his heart for Garcia and Johnson even if they were not his original vision.

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Had some Suda games planned to play in the upcoming months. Reallyyy hoping this makes it over to Europe. If that’s the case, day-one purchase

As i said in the other thread, the original was one of my favorite games of all time. It was like Takeshi Miike and Tarantino teamed up to make a game. Didn’t get to play the second one. I’d love it if the re released the first two as well. Though i realize there are some things from the first game that wouldn’t be able to translate to the xbox, like Silvia telling you about your next contract though the speaker on the Wiimote.

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I regret buying this on Switch lol…

Also the series has been on Xbox before. The first game, Paradise in particular got a 360 version but unlike the PS3 version it never got a western release.

Hopefully the other games get ported over, if they are on Switch and PC then they may as well bring them to Xbox and PlayStation.


I think I’m going to double dip on this just because performance on Switch in some cases was abysmal. Definitely a solid game all around, looking forward to playing this at a rock solid 60fps and high resolution.

Yeah people have emulated this on PC and when you bump up the resolution the visuals are pretty decent.

Unfortunately Grasshopper is quite small these days so I guess the manpower wasn’t there to get this better optimized on Switch.

The new platforms will easily maximize the settings on this though.

By the way, I saw some people on other places saying hopefully this means the cut content will be restored (with a classic “because Switch couldn’t handle it” line). Don’t count on it. With Grasshopper now being bought by Netease the rights to NMH went to Marvelous so it’s most likely them doing the port. They aren’t gonna restore anything, just get it ported.

This is awesome and hopefully a lot of people play it, to show we want more games like this.

I know Grasshopper themselves aren’t involved in this port but i’d love it if xbox worked with Suda 51 eventually.


Suda 51 back on Xbox? Count me in!