No Genshin Impact on Xbox

Whilst the game doesn’t interest me, come on let’s not celebrate that the game isn’t coming to xbox, I’m sure there is many people that would love to play this game.

Surely we should want all games to come to xbox, rather than cutting our noses off to spite our faces, it just makes us look silly.

If you honestly don’t want or care for the game, even if it did come to platform you could still choose to not play it :slight_smile:

Hopefully it comes down the line, for those that are interested in the game :slight_smile:


If series x/s sells well it will come.

What a lovely sentiment! You’re right of course, it would be best for all games to be available to everyone :smile:

I think there is a touch of sour grapes around the whole thing, but if I’m being sincere this isn’t really at the top of the pile of games I wish were accessible on my platform of choice. Like @The_Xboxer said, it’s also on mobile so there’s that at least!


Or Microsoft could just sell more consoles. That’d make developers want to make games for Xbox.

The game has exploded over the past week since release, and you don’t really have to draw certain characters, though whales will whale. The fact is that they give you most everything needed to make a team, and it plays better than BoTW did in many respects. Currently I am playing on my iPhone, but would have liked the ability to play on a controller on the Series X. It will be available on both the PS5 and the Switch in the future. It is definitely a time sink though. I just play casually, and some parts are brutally hard to play on a mobile device

Numerous articles have come out in the last 24 hours about this not coming to Xbox. Which is a shame - will have to wait for my new PC build early next year. And continue to play on the phone

Yup. There’s a lot of “Games must be bad if they’re on Xbox” energy going on in this thread, but reversed.


Nah, I’m not bashing the game because it’s not on my platform of choice but rather it has a lot of baggage between the art style, micro transactions and CCP propaganda. I’d love to see all games available on Xbox, especially Asian games since Xbox is lacking in this area.

People really rejoicing we will have less games on the xbox platform? Wth :smile:

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It’s ftp so people “accept it”

Imagine Halo would do it (which they won’t) the outcry would be the greatest flood in history

Tried this on Android and wasn’t a fan. Game type fits poorly with touch controls. It cribs surface level elements of BOTW but doesn’t understand what makes BOTW tick. It is a very different experience, one with more annoying level gating and a less interesting world/writing.

I had not heard of this game before this thread, and now it’s all over YouTube ads. What is the concern of pro-CCP, and how is that conclusion reached?

A few things I have heard (not saying these are damning in and of themselves):

  • Very invasive anti-cheat DRM on PC version (that was quickly altered to be less obnoxious apparently)

  • Copies the contents of your clipboard on iOS (this can apparently be a harmless accident, I read that LinkedIn accidentally did this once too)

  • Censors some player-input terms like “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan” (this is apparently just a requirement for any game in China?)

  • Just plain uses animations from other games

  • The gambling mechanic is very intense and whale-hungry (this isn’t specifically CCP-based but probably still bears mentioning)

  • Somebody upthread suggested there were jailbait-y characters (also not CCP-relevant but oof)

There might be more, but that’s all I heard. It’s up to you to decide if that’s enough to put you off or not. To be fair, I’ve also heard that the game can be a lot of fun, and that the gambling isn’t necessary at all to enjoy yourself and reach the end of the story. I encourage you to scrutinize it a bit more if you’re willing to give it a go since this is all stuff I vaguely encountered and I’m not especially interested in the subject, really.

From a gameplay and censorship stance, that is off putting.

I’m still not seeing the CCP angle?

I mean I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in geopolitics, but you don’t think censoring Hong Kong and Taiwan count? It’s ostensibly part of their whole “no one can ever challenge that all of what we say is China is China” deal.

I see that in the corporate world, too. And a reverse of it in over aggressive responses to speech online. I don’t yet see where a specific entity should be called out as opposed to over aggressive censorship in general. The CCP is not the only one to do it; all political organizations do (and I’m lumping paid-for politics and religion here, too).

Now, if they added world wide Spyware to push the monitoring of the populace to promote the CCP and unfairly suppress others I’d [understand the concerns and point-of-view].

I will admit I have not dug in. When a game becomes a “pay-to-______” I lose interest quickly. Any type of whaling turns me away. So, I haven’t delved to how this could be government related rather than (for now) censorship. Censorship generally sucks.

That’s a shame. It’s never a good thing when a huge 3rd party game skips a platform. Hopefully the Series X sells enough, along with the success of xcloud, to help them change their mind.

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Fair enough, I think we were talking at cross-purposes a bit but I see your point now and no harm done. I agree with your take on censorship as well.

Nah i want more hardcore weeb shit on the xbox. That said this game is basically a glorified Casino.

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All political organizations censor games and communication within them? I have to admit that’s the first time I’ve heard someone make that claim.

I have no idea if other Chinese games also suffer from the kind of censorship found in GI, I’ve only heard of this case because it was a hot topic several days ago. Mind you, that would not necessarily prevent me from playing it, and I’m certainly not one of those people who scoff at others for not adopting their activist stance or their way of thinking, that’s repulsive to me. I do think that the issues some people have with GI are still worth noting, however.

Not games, specifically. However, many interweb posts rail against Sony’s censorship which seems similar at this 30k foot view. I was referring in general terms to the degree to which the claims have been justified in this thread. And not necessarily with the same censorship approach as I’ve alluded to.

I would agree! My pondering was about specifics on how this had risen to levels above names being edited in MMOs (not from China), corporate/political communication stifling, etc. The practice sucks! But I don’t see how it’s pro-xxx based on what has been shared.

I’ve also admitted to not knowing the details, but that the in-game transactions were enough for me to pass. As such, I’ve not investigated further other than superficial info in this thread.