Nintendo Switch has sold 84.59m units as of March 31, 2021

Switch is a beast!


the lion king jaw drop GIF

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We need a new GIF of the Switch printing money instead of the DS lol. God damn that’s a lot of hardware.


It’s been great to see Nintendo come back strong after the Wii U. The Switch is a great console, I’ve had tons of fun with mine.

I wonder how much it could sell in the end, after a mid generation refresh with a Switch Pro & after Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Prime 4, possibly a new mainline Mario… Could it reach the number 1 spot?

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Impressive. Just image the profits Nintendo will make in the coming years when their customers transition to more digital games like on Xbox and Playstation.

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Blimey! That is some comeback after WiiU :smiley:

One negative note though: If you owned a Wii U? Many of the titles you would have played before :frowning: .

Other than that it is testimony that the world wants more than just “The Sadventures of Sad Dad and Mopey Son, and the forest of weeping willows”.

People like Blue Skies games :slight_smile: .

Nintendo Switch is on track to become the third best sold console of all time, perhaps only behind the PS2 and NDS.

The Switch is great. It’s the most impressed I’ve ever been with a Nintendo console.

I’m down for a Switch Pro later this year if Nintendo releases it. Just please, Nintendo, fix your fucking Joy-Cons :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Honestly just buy a pro controller, I doubt they are gonna fix that

This would be a large potential for increased GamePass Subscriptions if it ever came to this platform.


Already have one! :slight_smile:

But my right Joy-Con has drift for a long time now, which sucks for portable play. I will not buy additional Joy-Cons because there is the risk of them drifting as well, at that point it’s just a money sink.

Basically I did the same, my joycon started to drift around 4 months after I bought the console, basically the only game i played with them was Mario odyssey (I’m using them for ring fit adventure but for that i only need the motion control so it doesn’t count) but honestly it’s nintendo, they decided to stop selling mario 3d collection because why not, and it’s gonna launch zelda skyward sword at 60 bucks again. It’s easier to see xcloud in a fridge than nintendo fixing that

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While it’s not my favorite Nintendo console, it is the best Nintendo console they have ever made. 85m units in 4 years. Holy shit!!! Sony fanboys can say goodbye to their PS2 record of 155m because I can easily see Switch surpassing that unless Nintendo screws up something horribly.

Congratulations to Nintendo!!! They’re not for me but if it wasn’t for Nintendo, there would be no PlayStation and in turn, Xbox so im thankful that they exist and are back to being dominant.

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Nintendo just posted the most profit for a console company ever. You should see the sales numbers on their first party software. Animal Crossing with 30+M units in a year’s time - those are GTA numbers. And Nintendo doesn’t really report digital sales

It sad that Iwata didn’t have time to see the smashing success that the Switch would turn into.


It’s really turning into one of my favorite Nintendo consoles of all time