Nintendo Switch has sold 84.59m units as of March 31, 2021

Nice. For me, it’s Super Nintendo > Nintendo > Switch > Nintendo 64 > Gamecube > Wii. Never owned a Wii U. Switch is great. I don’t know why Nintendo hasn’t put the Virtual Console on the system yet to sell all those old NES/SNES/etc. games. It’s free money for Nintendo.

Yea thats absolutely bonkers I can see it surpassing the Wii when it’s all said and done also it baffles me why virtual console died apparently its because not many used virtual console on wii u

Considering Wii U only sold around 13m units compared to over 100m for Wii, it’s not really surprising that a lot of people didn’t use Virtual Console on Wii U because they didn’t own it.

Yea I skipped wii u as well

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Both my joycons do as well. My blue and red ones drift upwards on the left thumbstick, and for the green and pink ones it drifts downwards on the right thumbstick lol. It’s incredibly annoying and I don’t blame you for not buying more incase those drift too, I haven’t bought any either because it’s just a waste of money.

I hope so.

Wii is Nintendo’s worst console. Even more so than Wii U.