Nintendo now has 11 First Party games coming out in 2022 alone

plus this was only for the first half of 2022

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I would rather have MK9…

Nintendo has a lot more studios but the information s very muddy on it

What a crazy amount of content for 1st half of a year, the most impressive line up for such period in history!

Liked the diversity in genres, classics, remasters, sequels, exclusive partnership, new announcements and surprises … all in 40 mins.

What I liked the most is the show formula, was divided into some segments, it was something like this:

  • ( opening ) New announcement
  • moving the show
  • 3 announcements (gameplay reveal)
  • moving the show
  • 3 announcements (remasters/ returned)
  • moving the show
  • 3 announcements (classics)
  • moving the show
  • 3 announcements (updates)
  • moving the show
  • ( closing ) New announcement

Best formula I’ve ever seen 0_0

What I find VERY supicous is how Xenoblade is September… like October November and December are normaly veery big for Nintendo. I truly expext tehy will have some big stuff for those months. Potentailly this chould be switch best year… JUST SAYIN

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Super Mario Odyssey 2 will probably be their big holiday game, I am not seeing BotW2 releasing this year (maybe a spring 2023 release?).

Still even without BotW2 this looks like a great year for the Switch.


SMO2 this year as well would be massive tbh, I would absolutely love for that to happen, but yeah I am not sure if it can.

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The perfect recipe for Microsoft: Steal the Nintendo Direct format + Pay Keith David to do the VO = Best in the business

And most of those games will sell millions.
Still, it feels like Nintendo is hitting the limits of their hardware. They need some upgrade but due to shortage we are stuck with old one. I hope for new Switch 2 :smiling_face_with_tear:

What’s crazy is that these games probably don’t have high development cost…I mean seriously…would any of these games even have a $100M budget? Probably not, the only one that may come close is BOTW2

Amazing how devs can come up with such high quality products if they’re given $30M budget

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I think they will release Donkey Kong 3D from Mario 3D EPD in October, Pokémon Gen 9 in November and Bayonetta 3 in December

They said switch still has long life in their investors meeting

True, but even at this point their hardware is ancient already.

I’ve always seen Switch as a powerful portable console than a weak not-portable (is there a word for this in english?) console.

That said, I always think they were underperforming in their release pacing. They were always able to fill two hardwares with games every year and only this year it looks like they will perform at this level.

Just remembered of Mario+Rabbids 2

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It was relatively powerful, but just look at MLB on Switch right now. And more games will come to Switch in the future too. Though, they are kinda trying to fix it using Cloud.

MLB looks indeed like the worst thing I’ve ever seen on a Switch. It is awful.

And that’s my main problem with the current Switch. Though maybe cloud will partially help with it as there is no upgrade in sight.

Still need to finish first one

Switch don’t need third party. Third Party needs switch sometimes

So many games but nothing new. I always feel underwhelmed by nintendo and just can’t get excited for this stuff. Also the weak hardware makes these games always look and feel old to me. Xbox and Playstation at least have good tech so sequels and remasters are more exciting.

I know I’m in the minority with my opinion. But I feel Nintendo is overrated.

The only exciting thing they did in the last 5 years or so was breath of the wild and now the sequel looks exactly the same and I’m the only person who thinks this is super uninteresting and more of the same.