Nintendo now has 11 First Party games coming out in 2022 alone

Nintendo’s 2022 Publishing Lineup

  • Pokémon Legends
  • Triangle Strategy
  • Mario Strikers: Battle League
  • Fire Emblem Warriors 2
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot
  • Bayonetta 3
  • Breath of the Wild 2
  • Switch Sports
  • Kirby
  • Splatoon 3

It’s safe to say as well that most these are going to be fairly high quality as well…with all of the first party MS has now and investing they’re doing, in addition to all the Xbox global publishing

What’s crazy is Nintendo doesn’t even have that many first party studios…they have like…7? Although Nintendo EPD has a bunch of different teams that make different projects

Now to be fair…Nintendo games generally probably don’t cost too much to make or require massive team sizes…Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Link’s Awakening both came out in 2019 and both Next Level Games and Grezzo both have like 80-ish employees

Somehow Nintendo can put out games with low cost and short development times but they still end up selling like 5-7+ million copies and that’s on the lower end


if not more that we dont know about i think the BIG one is slipping to next year which is breath of the wild 2

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You left the best announcement off the list… 48 more tracks for Mario kart 8!


They aren’t all 1st party, but the point you make still stands. Efficiency and quality.


TThat’s true Triangle is third party…Bayonetta is kind of weird because Sega owns the IP but Nintendo is publishing which is strange

basically nintendo funds it pretty much the story was with 2 neither sony or microsoft wanted it so nintendo took it and i say they were in the right on that decision

It’s honestly impressive how many first party games they can pump out and yet how little I care about any of them

The curse/benefit of growing up with Sega/Playstation perhaps

Now what I have noticed is Nintendo has off years…2020 they basically had Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles Defintivie, Paper Mario Origami

2021 they had Metroid Dread, Shin Megami V, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon DP, Monster Hunter Rise, Mario Golf, No More Heroes 3

But this year…Holy fk…that being said if they do all come out this year then I believe 2023 will be a lighter year

So that may not be a good strategy for MS to put out 10-12 first party games…maybe put out 6 a year

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The only one I really care about is Breath of the Wild 2, and it wont come out this year.

Ill probably play Kirby too though.

As I said in the Direct topic, I think Zelda won’t release this year and Game Freak will release Pokémon gen 9 games. I also add Metroid Prime 4, which will release 2022 or 2023.

They have 11 studios counting their NPDs only, and you might add some second party there. They also don’t focus only on epic releases and do some mid-size games that are just fun, something I think Xbox should do more to give more diversity to their backlog. Releases like Fusion Frenzy or 1 vs 100.

Then again it kind of makes sense because Nintendo is missing most 3rd party support that Xbox/Playstation get

I mean…Nintendo isn’t getting Elden Ring…Dying Light…they’re not getting the annual COD and a ton of other 3rd party games

That’s why I’m glad for devs like Obsidian saying they aim to release 1 game per year and most likely it’ll be a quality game


triangle strategy isnt first party

I know, someone else mentioned that

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The overall number of teams nintendo has as first party is around 18, and they have a bazillion of second party partnerships so Nintendo can have this number of games each year without any issue. If you’re wondering… From Nintendo EPD 1,2,6, software and technology, smart device PG are support and co development studios. 3 (zelda), 4 (Labo and weird shit), 5 (splatoon), 7 (miitomo), 8 (mario 3d), 9 (Mario kart) and 10 (SMM) are full fledge teams. While outside EPD you have next level games, retro studios, ndcube, 1 up studio, monolithsoft and the Pokémon company

What a lineup….I’m so excited for Nintendo’s 2022 and will easily be pumping most of my time and $$ into them.

Of course I’m excited for Starfield and Redfall but man the breadth of stuff Nintendo has is ridiculous…and of course BotW 2, nothing tops that for me in the hyped column.

Sadly Nintendo has this habit of putting out 10 games in a year then having a dry next year, I’d rather they spread this stuff out tbh

Then again you don’t have to buy games when they come out, although Nintendo games never drop in price anyway smh

There have been years in the Switch’s history where Nintendo had few first parties and relied mostly on old Wii U ports to fill out their lineup. We seem to be past that now and going into the Switch 2 it’ll be nothing but new games (hopefully).

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2022 might be the best year for Nintendo since its launch year (and BotW2 coming this year would solidify if not surpass it).

Nintendo isn’t for me but their Direct yesterday was actually pretty damn good and their 2022 lineup is very strong even without BOTW 2. Even if Bayonetta 3 gets delayed to 2023, that’s still a strong 2022 lineup in my opinion.

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