Nintendo Direct - 02/17/2021

A Nintendo Direct will take place on 02/17 at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET/10 PM GMT! It will be 50 minutes long and will focus on released games as well as games releasing in the first half of 2021.

Link to YouTube stream:

Official Direct website:


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Is it implied that the next smash bros character will be announced here?

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It says it will also focus on available games, specifically mentioning Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so I think there’s a good chance of it.

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I think Pokemon’s 25th anniversary is also this month or something.

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Maybe a remake for the 4th generation?

Pokemon Platin is probably my most played Pokemon. Eventhough I like the third gen by a big margin.

Persona Collection or Legend of Heroes Collection would be sweet.

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Really hope that’s the case.

Yeah have my eyes on this franchise but don’t want to start with part 3

Lmao Schreier spoiling stuff as usual…

I don’t expect any Pokémon news until next week. They are usually announced in a dedicated Pokémon direct.

I really hope we don’t see 30 minutes of the new Smash Character. I remember one Direct that had like 40 minutes and 30 of those were dedicated for Smash lol

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It struck me like a arrow… WHAT IF… monolith next game is there :scream:

3-5 are best gens by far. HGSS was an amazing Gen 2 remake as well. Basically the GBA and DS era Pokemon is GOATed.

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Let’s all keep in mind that this is supposed to be focused on games releasing in the first half of 2021. As much as I would love to see Monolith’s next game, I don’t see it happening. Now, a Xenoblade Chronicles X port, on the other hand…

For real tho a Zeldagame collection would be enough for me anything else is a bonus

Yeeeep I spend like HOURS in my underground base xD the Endgame in those games had soo much stuff you could do…

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especially hits hard when the franchise imo went to shit soon after going 3d. It just hasn’t scaled as well. These days, the only pokemon games I play and enjoy are ROM hacks and fangames. Have you perhaps played any of em?

Trading pokemons outside of your home with friends was the best man.