Nintendo Direct - 02/17/2021

No not any my last pokemon was Y…

I loved playing Pokemon Uranium and Insurgence personally. Great fangames.

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Cant wait for Game Freak to let me down again.


I just want a crash bandicoot smash reveal so me and my nephew can get hyped.

I would say at this point if any leaks for tomorrow happen tag it as a Spoiler:)

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I expect to see Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Persona 5 Strikers, No More Heroes 3, New Pokemon Snap, and Balan Wonderworld since those are games releasing in the first half of 2021 for Switch.

oh shit lol.

Please check out some ROM hacks and fangames like Pokemon Glazed, Gaia, Adventures Red, Insurgence, Omicron, Uranium, Legends of the Arena. All excellent games with their own great and some very mature stories, endgame, multiple regions, awesome art, gym battles, so on.

Yes. Both are great, If you haven’t played these others, I would suggest this list

Sad what happened to Uranium, Nintendo annoys me on a regular basis how draconian they can get with their IP.

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Maybe I check them out but tbh I prefer my pokemon on the go and with controller too.

So these rules out most roms…

I just hope pokemon improves again…

if you have a smartphone, just download a GBA emulator and you get half these games from Pokecommunity and you’re ready to go! It only rules out fangames like Uranium and Omicron which are made in RPGMaker XP for PC, not ROM hacks as they’re based on the GBA games which all run on a basic GBA emulator.

So yeah, Gaia, Glazed, Unbound, Adventures Red are my reccs.

Use touch or just use the controller you were already using, either is fine.

Nice. This will be fun!

Cant wait till we see Halo MCC in this direct. Obviously the “New places to Play” meant the Switch.

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With a Mario Skin for Chief


I hope we get at least one new game that looks amazing. My Switch has kinda been gathering dust. I am a huge Zelda guy but I doubt BOTW2 but maybe Wind Walker HD etc for the anniversary?

…F-Zero please :skull:


Not into Nintendo anymore but will still watch. And 50 minutes…damn!!! Nintendo did say first half of 2021 despite that already being 25% past. lol.

I would be shocked if they don’t tease stuff for the second half. Not expecting BOTW 2 unless it’s a teaser but I am expecting that Zelda collection.


I really want a Zelda collection! The only game I miss from my Wii U is Wind Walker HD :sweat_smile:

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I also think sonic could show up remember last year they had a bunch of sonic announcements planned but got cancelled and it’s the 30th anniversary of sonic the hedgehog

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I’d imagine it’s too early for the Xeno team and a lot of staff would be assisting on BOTW 2. Especially with the extra resources that game likely needs for development during the pandemic. I think that’s the most interesting part of this direct. What would Nintendo have that’s ready to show now because it seems like most last year was a wash for green lighting anything for any company and most new reveal projects this year will have likely been in the works since 2019/early 2020.

I think the only brave prediction I’m making is they extend Smash Bros Ultimate another year and do Fighter Pass 3 as it’s apparently been very difficult to get pre-production and production going internationally on green lit projects across the entire gaming industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo promised Sakurai all the support he wants if he waits till things have calmed down pandemic wise before starting work on his next game project. But asked to do FP3 to just keep ticking over because it’s much more stable plan for publishers to continue supporting games that are currently out through to the end of 2022 instead of green lighting anything new.