Ninja Theory shared official Hellblade II concept art


Man my dream for this game is that it expands the combat and has a structure similar in ways to Tomb Raider / GoW / JFO but I know better than to expect that


Judging by the gameplay trailer

I just want to see some real in game footage now.

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The trailer we saw before was all real in game footage.

Yeah probably not. I expect it will be a lot like the first one.

Hellblade 2 team is still very small. While I think the game will be a massive upgrade over the first one, I don’t expect it to be close to Tomb Raider or GoW in terms of scope.

I would be happy with improved combat and bigger areas to explore.

I guess or at least hope he means proper core loop gameplay and not just what we saw, which indeed was in-game, but barely any gameplay actually happened in the whole thing outside walking/running and throwing an occasional spear again and again. That certainly wasn’t the actual core loop gameplay and more of a set piece section.

Rhani Tucker is involved with the combat so I am expecting some improvement on that front, compared to the original. I don’t really expect it to be combat focused though. HellBlade clearly have different goals compared to GOW. They did talk about the combat being much more brutal though.

Oh I thought it was in-engine? I’ll have to find that to have another look :ok_hand:

That I would love. This game oozes dark, gritty, brutal in the trailers. Give me some truly visceral combat, would love it.

I would love if they go a bit further in terms of player freedom, basically being able to jump or just more abilities in terms of movement.