Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

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Ok so this collection is coming out in less than 3 weeks. June 10th.

So far we know that

  • Digital only for Xbox everywhere, Physical for Switch and PS4 in Asia only.
  • Contains Sigma versions of the games, Vita version for Sigma 1 and 2 supposedly
  • Will run 60FPS and have some sort of next gen enhancement(most likely 4k support)
  • 40 dollars for regular version 45 for deluxe(50 on PS4 for some reason)

Now I know the Xbox has Black and 2 (which are both enhanced) and Razors Edge already through BC. Yes people say Vanilla versions are better. Black is my all time fav video game period. When peopel are asked what game did you buy an OG Xbox for most will say Halo, Fable Splinter Cell KOTOR or another game. For me it was Ninja Gaiden and it still remains one of the best action games of all time(paticularly the defintiive Black version)

Now I’ve seen a lot of hate this master collection has been getting. I get it. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was an awful port. Got rid a lot of enemies, dumbed down the game and you could only play it on a PS3 for some reason.

Being a huge NG fan myself and having both Sigma games on Xbox for the first time is a big deal to me. And Sigma 1 is actually pretty good minus some mediocre Rachel levels.

Anyone else buying this or have something to say about it?

I already got my deluxe pre ordered.


This should be a good collection with a very fair price. I already have the OGs on Xbox so no need for this but i will say that i agree with you that negative reactions to the Sigma titles are overblown.

I absolutely LOVE Ninja Gaiden II but never played the sigma version. How different is it from the 360 version?

I already have the definitive Ninja Gaiden experiences (Black & II) both on retail and digital so the Sigma collection would have been a day one purchase if it had a retail release mainly to just add this to my collection even if I am not interested in playing the lesser/inferior versions. Now that is only digital…sometime in the future and in a deep sale I’ll probably get this I guess.

I am excited beyond belief for this release. FINALLY the modern Ninja Gaiden trilogy is coming to PC.

Day 1. Easily my most anticipated release this summer. And the only reason it’s not my most anticipated of the year is because competition is tough with Tales of Arise and Halo Infinite.

Not going to buy this as I have the only 2 games released for the series in BC already. And they are perfect with 4k60 and HDR

But I do hope that’s a sign that they will finally make NG 3 all these years :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever played Razor’s Edge? It’s a monumental upgrade from Ninja Gaiden 3. If you essentially forgot NG3 existed because of the original release (and who can blame you, really) I would highly encourage you to give Razor’s Edge a shot.

The reason it’s cheaper on Xbox but not PS4 is because there’s a 5% pre-order discount on Xbox. Supposedly it’s on Steam and Switch as well. For PS4 the pre-order bonus is a theme and a bunch of avatars.

Also Sigma 1 and 2 in this collection are the PS3 versions, not Vita. But weirdly enough for some reason they used Vita footage for Sigma 1 in the initial trailer.

I never played the Sigmas so I’ll buy it.

Ninja gaiden 3 was absolutely trash. Razors edge is just polished turd. I mean its playable but still bad.

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I played sigma 1 but the abysmal load times put me off. Never played sigma 2

I’m still hesitant as I already have so much to play yet I haven’t played the original NG in quite some time even though I do own the OG Xbox version. I’ll probably wait for some kind of discount before I buy which is what I do with pretty much every game these days because of Gamepass unless it’s something I know many of my friends will be playing Day 1.

I wasn’t too good at it but I remember really enjoying those games. NG1 I actually had to put down for a few weeks at the time of release because I was close to breaking my controller; came back to it and was able to finish it. Only went half way through on Hard. Really wish we’d have Itagaki on board for a next gen version, it’d be glorious!

MS should really team up with Itagaki and buy or get some sort of Exclusive rights to NG for NG4. Sony got Nioh games developed by TN…MS could get a studio together and give Itagaki a big budget and the NG IP and just straight up make NG4.

I can dream.

I wonder if Tecmo would be willing to let Itagaki anywhere near after what happened. I do think he’s a genius though, MS should give him money to finance his studio and build exclusive franchises for them made in Japan. The man loves Xbox!

ITagaki put tecmo on the map. Without him they’d be some shovelware developer. He developed not only some of the greatest action games ever but also a team full of talented action combat developers. Nioh is also great made by people who worked under ITagaki and his guidance

When he left…Hayashi or whatever that fucking hack is called ruined NG3.

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Totally agree about NG3. Even DOA doesn’t feel exactly the same since Itagaki left. Ms really needs to cut some deal with Tecmo and team Ninja to get something going on, but I guess they’ll be busy for a while with that exclusive FF game now…

I am pretty excited for this. Black was just amazing and was the only game to truly kick my ass. Still play it on my Xbox sometimes. I did play sigma on my ps vita back in the day and it was okay. Ninja gaiden 2 was great as well. 3 couldn’t keep my interest. Although I did hear the updated Nintendo version was better.

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Yeah Razors Edge was better. But to be honest…NG2 was so bad it couldn’t have been worse.

Razors Edge is the only game in this collection that i have 0 interest in…because that game exists as a BC title for Xbox and not sure how much better it will be if at all. The other two games have never come out on Xbox.

Yeah these are all Sigma games so its new to Xbox. I didnt think NG2 was that bad. It just didnt live up to what NJ Black did.

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Sorry i meant NG3. NG2 wasn’t bad at all.

Vanilla NG3 was absolutely horrible. Razors Edge makes it much much better…but still the worst game of the three. Its playable.

A Black style re-release of NGII could’ve been the greatest action game ever made…oh well NGII even without a Black version is freakin’ amazing and with the One X enhancements it’s a legit remaster that looks and plays awesome so it’s all good.