NieR Replicant - Hype Check

When I played Nier Automata for the first time on Xbox One i was blown away. As a Xbox owner i was already a year late to the party but the excitement and fanfare was enough to convince me to buy it when it finally came out on Xbox. Now we’re getting a remaster of the game that started the series and admittedly things seem a little quiet. I’m curious what XboxEra and Xbox fans in general are thinking about this game? Have you played the Xbox 360 version and will you be picking this one up in April?

Gameplay Trailer:


It just feels so odd to remaster a game to a generation that is already over. I believe it would get much more hype if it was a Series X / PS5 game aswell

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Oh boi I’m ready

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Played the 360 Nier and I love it more than Automata. The story with shades and characters ( Project Replicant and Gestalt and the result of Drakengard fight in Tokyo) are really interesting. Amazing Soundtrack and cool enemy design. The interaction between Nier, Grimoure Weiß, Kaine and Emil is one of my favourite part. Like a little family. The game didn’t feel finish at all especially in the second have of the game when Kaine is turned into the door blocker.

Getting the true ending was a pain. In Automata you can buy all the achievements but in Nier Gestalt you had to farm all the weapons and upgrade them. Also the flower (?) achievement for it was annoying as well. I had to disconnect my 360 and play with the Xbox timer to get it.

All in all I pre ordered the snow white edition (my first special edition since Witcher 3) and I hope they polished the second part of the game

And Dad Nier > Brother Nier

I was just thinking about this game today. It has the same director, producer, and composer as NieR Automata but I’m not at all familiar with the developer Toylogic.

Regardless, the gameplay looks like Automata so I have high hopes.

But I wonder if PlatinumGames is working on another NieR game?

Thanks to the BC of the newer systems being a Οne/PS4 game is not such a bad idea, though remaking the game for last generation systems is probably due to budget constraints. I’d like to think that this is a side-project for Taro and a bigger budget will go towards a new game that will be co-developed again with Platinum.

To answer the OP’s questions I got this game for 10 euros back in 2010 via zavvi mainly because of the positive word of mouth on neogaf back then, didn’t expect much to be honest and definitely didn’t expect it to end up being one of my favorite games of the 360 generation. I was blown away by the amazing music, melancholic atmosphere, great characters, crazy gameplay variety that defined traditional rules on what is an action RPG and of course the really interesting story/genius storytelling…especially the Ending D is one of the strongest moments in gaming for me. Since this game I consider myself a Taro fan (I love Automata as well), there is no way I am missing anything from this guy so of course I am hyped as hell for Replicant…really curious to play with Brother Nier.

So yeah I will definitely be there day one for the remake. :nerd_face:

Still haven’t finished NieR: Automata. I played a bit of it but then got distracted by another game. It’s near the top of my backlog though, I’m hoping to get to it sometime soon. I think I’ll get NieR Replicant after a price drop, just gotta finish Automata first.

I enjoyed Nier Automata and would play this but Square Enix needs to confirm a next gen upgrade for the game as opposed to it just running in BC mode. I spent $800 to get a Series X bundle and im not playing last gen games without upgrades. If they add that or at least confirm that it’s coming at some point then I will definitely play it.

I played Nier on Xbox 360 and always found it to be a funky game. It’s weird, but I guess if you’ve played Automata you’d probably expect that. I think it’s a lesser game compared to Automata, but I really dig the music. Hope this new version is solid, I’m pretty stoked.

I will play it because it has some of the best or lets say most philolophical story in games.

Oh, I agree, I will play it aswell!

What I meant is that an “Optimized” symbol is basically free marketing, specially since the new consoles will enter a dry period and people are looking for something that takes advantage of their new machines.

Many indie publishers are optimizing old games to boost sales. Mike Rose from No More Robots has even mentioned that optimizing Yes Your Grace has encouraged people to download it on Game Pass.

Replicant hype levels are 100%.

Hopefully it’s just a sliver as god as Automate (but I don’t know how the developer compares to Platinum) but the thing that has me most hyped is that it has a physical release coming up.

I love SE’s physical releases for XBox RPGs and I try to get everyone. They’ve been so hit and miss lately with KH1.5+2.5, 2.8 not getting a physical release, nor MoM. Neir Automata didn’t get a physical, but FFX/X-2, FFXII, DQ11 and Neir Replicant all getting physical.

How strange.

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I’m hoping it’ll do something similar to Cyberpunk and have at least a soft next gen patch.

Absolutely overpriced honestly. Will give it a shot when it’s at a reasonable price.

Me too. I have Series X and don’t have any interest in playing any to be released last gen games. lol.

You’re missing out on some of the new features like Auto HDR and stuff mang.

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In Europe it’s €60 which is at least cheaper than the usual €70 price for games.

Perhaps but I just want to play current gen games. Outside of the hardware manufacturers, I don’t care if the games are cross-gen but they need to have some current gen upgrades because if not, I simply lose interest.

I mean, it’s still a pretty standard remaster. Had it been a remake from the ground up in the vein of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I would have understood the pricepoint. It’s just quite ludicrous this way though.

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The thing is this game is forgotten and lost. Like copys are rare and we can be happy to even have a chance to play this again. This game never came to PC I think.

Also they did more than up the resolution.